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Improve your sporting exercises with NLP Practical Techniques

Improve your sporting exercises with NLP Practical Techniques

What is the difference between sporting exercises and physical activity? Many great athletes agree that the difference between them is related to their effectiveness. This difference follows the 80-20 rule. That means in exercising 20% physical effort and 80% mental effort are effective. However, many people devote 100% of their training and activities to their body and sporting exercises for improving their skills and gaining power.


Optimumenergy management in sporting exercises with the 80-20 rule

Optimum energy management in sporting exercises with the 80-20 rule

The 80-20rule tells us that 80% of the work is achieved by 20% of the time and energyspent for doing it. For example, the law of 80-20 in trading says that 80% ofthe profits will come from 20% of the products. So, you can improve your mental,performance and athletic skills by just spending 20% of your training time. Infact, by just spending 20% of your training time, you will have the skill toget 80% of your sporting success with mental effort.

Improve sportingexercises by using NLP techniques

One of theeffective ways for increasing mental skills and executing the 80-20 rulecorrectly is to use Neuro- Linguistic Programming or NLP. By studying andlearning NLP, you can change your knowledge, thinking, behavioral andlinguistic patterns in a way that everything lead you to success. In thefollowing, two NLP techniques, which help you increase your athleticperformance, are taught.

The firsttechnique for improving the sporting exercises – Determine your goals

The first technique for improving the sporting exercises – Determine your goals

At the firststep, determine the outcome that you want to gain. Ask yourself questions thatlead to good and targeted results. Questions that help you see your goal as areal, accessible, measurable, and specific goal, and get it at the right time.

Use thefollowing questions to get the better results.

  1. What do youwant?
  2. How do you seeyourself when you reach the goal? What do you see? What do you hear? And whatdo you feel?
  3. When, where, andwith whom do you want to reach that goal?
  4. When, where, andwith whom do not you reach that goal?
  5. What resourcesdo you need to achieve the goal?
  6.  What happens when you achieve that goal?
  7.  What is the effect of this achieved goal onthe other aspects of your life?

Thesequestions will help you to clearly determine your goals and the results youget.

Plus, you’llbe sure if you really want this goal or not?

By answeringthese questions, you can always try to reach the goal, and make a strong magnetthat will attract you to your goal. It increases your motivation and you arecommitted to be stronger for achieving the result.

The second techniquefor improving the sporting exercises – Imagine

The second technique for improving the sporting exercises – Imagine

Visualizationis a mental exercise. In this technique, you imagine how you do the works fromstart to finish. Like many actors that repeat and practice the content beforethey play. When you repeat and practice your performance, your abilities willincrease.

Because yoursubconscious can not distinguish between reality and the image you see, so thistechnique is very strong. When you wake up at midnight for a nightmare, yourheart beats fast and you feel threatened. The dream you saw looks real! Thisexample shows you how powerful the mind is and how it can affect the bodybecause of a simple image.

To do thisexercise, it’s better for you to see yourself doing it. Imagine you are doingit in the best way. What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel? Try toadd more details like tasting, smell and more.

What are thevisualization’s benefits in improving sporting exercises?

By repeatinga movie which shows the best way for doing a job, you increase the possibilityof it’s happening in real situations. When the promised day comes, your brain thinksit was there. It knows what to do and you will play the same movie that you’veplayed it many times before.

There arealso more NLP techniques that can make a big difference between your performancein sports and all aspects of life. Start, find the results and visualize it. Byrepeating it, a path is created in your mind that affects your body and you cando it easily. What you visualize makes your mind be planned to do it in thesame way.

Now, inwhich sporting field or your life do you want to be more active? Now start usingthe techniques you’ve learned in that field.

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