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Teaching how to increase concentration by NLP techniques

Teaching how to increase concentration by NLP techniques

We may lose our concentration for different reasons through the day. Or we may be like some people who have a low concentration. In this article, we try to teach you NLP practical techniques that you can use them to increase your concentration. So follow Farshid Pakzat Research Group.


What are the reasons for missing or having low concentration?               

Beforeexplaining the techniques for increasing concentration, we have to search aboutthe reasons for missing the concentration. It usually has two general reasons.Internal reasons and external reasons.

Internalreasons for missing the concentration

Fatigue, stress, or mental pressures are among the reasons for missing the concentration. One of the other reasons for missing the concentration is having racing thoughts. Of course, racing thoughts are made because of some mental pressures. I recommend you read this article to find out more about racing thoughts: “What is racing thought and how can we deal with it? (6 practical solutions). “

One of thereasons for missing concentration is talking to yourself. Most people haveinternal talks. But sometimes this inner talk takes a long time and causes theperson miss his concentration. These inner talks can be positive or negative.We hope that if the inner talks are going to disappear your concentration, theybe the positive ones because they have some positive results.

Externalreasons for missing the concentration

External reasons for missing the concentration
Different factors will eliminate our focus

Ourconnection with the world around is generally made up of 3 channels. Visual,auditory and kinesthetic channels. So our concentration can be eliminatedthrough each of these channels. These 3 channels are called preferred channelsin NLP. To get familiar with the preferred channels, you can read this article:What is the preferred channel? And how can we achieve effective communicationby using it?” We will explain more about this in the following.

Tounderstand how the preferred channels affect our concentration, we continue thediscussion with a few examples. Suppose you are working in the office or athome, and for some reasons, some persons start to move in front of you. Thesame moves eliminate your concentration. This losing concentration occursthrough a visual preferred channel.

Voices likethe voices for cars or music affect your concentration through your auditory preferredchannel. There are some people who lose their concentration by changing thetemperature, such as the warming weather they are working on, or if their chairis not comfortable. These people lose their concentration by their kinestheticpreferred channel.

How toincrease our concentration?

Now thatwe’ve completely searches the reasons for losing the concentration, it’s easyto say that in order to increase the concentration, we have to delete thereasons for losing concentration. Of course, we know that this is not so easy.For this, we teach a few NLP practical techniques.

The firsttechnique for increasing concentration– anchoring

The first technique for increasing concentration– anchoring
You can overcome stress by using an anchoring technique

As we said,stress or mental pressures can cause our concentration to be lost. You canovercome stress by using an anchoring technique. Anchoring is one of the strongand practical NLP techniques in which a positive mental state becomes relatedto an internal or external factor. So whenever you turn on that external factor,you get that positive state.

If we wantto say more simply, using the anchoring technique (conditioning) in NLP, forexample, you can remember a good memory and be calm whenever you push yourfinger and thumb. To learn the anchoring technique (conditioning), you can readthis article: “How to control your emotions through the NLP conditioningtechnique.”

The secondtechnique for increasing the concentration- extending the restrictions

Sometimeswhen you are working or studying, you feel that your mind is disturbed and youcannot concentrate any more. At this moment you feel you need a break. At this moment,you should try to extend your restriction. For this, try to force yourself tocontinue to work or study for a few more minutes. For example, something about۱۵ minutes.

In thistechnique, try to determine available goals. Like finishing the page you arereading. If you decide, for example, to read to the end of the chapter toextend your limitations, you probably would not be successful.

In fact,with this exercise, you increase your mind stability and your unconscious mind graduallybelieve that it can pass through its restrictions.

The third techniquefor increasing the concentration – concentrating on one case

The third technique for increasing the concentration – concentrating on one case
Prioritize the concerns of the intellectua

Sometimes welose our concentration because of our disturbed mind. In fact, it may be saidthat we do not lose our concentration, only our minds are too busy and thethoughts we have in our minds become like the train. Of course, in the racingthoughts, there is the same problem. Therefore, in order to increaseconcentration in this situation, we must try to prioritize our importance. Itmeans choosing one of our minds importance and leaving the rest of our mindsissues.

In this way,you should choose one of the thoughts in your mind that are going to flood yourmind and try to come to a conclusion about it. When you choose one of yourthoughts and come to the conclusion about it, your mind will not be confused betweendifferent thoughts. With this method, you can increase your concentration andsolve the problem of racing thoughts. Of course there are some other solutionsfor treating racing thoughts, which you can read in this article: “What isracing thought and how to deal with it? (6 practical solutions). “

The fourth techniquefor increasing the concentration – deleting the distraction factors

The fourth technique for increasing the concentration – deleting the distraction factors
Grow your mind to concentrate

Do not makemistakes! We do not mean to delete the factors that cause losing concentrationor, for example, change your work place. Many people think it’s best to changetheir work place if there are a lot of noise in their workplace. Yes, you mightbe able to do this and get rid of the noise of cars. But can you stop the phonefrom ringing? Can you stop talking all your co-workers? Can you make your bossnot to call you in the middle of the work? Definitely not!

So how canwe remove the distraction factors? You may have seen that the horses use ablindfold to move on the straight path. This is done for the horses to just seethe straight path and the other things in his road do not distract it. Weshould also use the blindfold for our minds. Whenever the other things start todistract us, we must try to make our mind concentrate on what it does. 

Certainly,when you start using this technique, you will not get any results at all. Youwill surely be distracted. But do not be disappointed. Continue your trying. Wheneversomething makes you distracted, you can put your hands on your eyes like thehorse’s blindfold to keep in mind that you need to be focused.

The fifth techniquefor increasing the concentration – rest

The fifth technique for increasing the concentration - rest
Sometimes rest your mind

Yes, it’strue that you said in the second technique that you should try to expand yourown limits. But it does not mean that you have to commit suicide. We are allhuman beings and we must admit that our ability and capacity are limited. So weshould rest on time. If you remember, we said early in the article that fatigueis one of the factors for losing concentration. So give your mind break intime.

Therefore,you sometimes need to give your mind a short break in order to increaseconcentration and efficiency. A short break, it means leaving the mind out ofeverything. It can really increase your concentration and efficiency. So do notfeel bad for resting your mind. Because it makes you get better results in yourwork.

The sixth techniquefor increasing the concentration – variety

Our brain isnot like a computer. The computer does not need motivation and variety. You cangive an ultra-complicated calculation into a computer and receive the answer afew days later. But our brains require variety. If you have to work on aparticular subject for a whole day, your brain will be tired. The probabilityof error and reducing the concentration will rise in this case. So it’s better foryou to pay attention to the variety of the things you do to increase yourconcentration. When all the humans do a repetitive job, their concentrationwill reduce.

At the end,I would remind you that making changes, especially positive changes in life,requires time and effort. So do not expect to achieve what you want by usingthese techniques for a few times. Use these techniques with effort andperseverance, and make sure you see the positive result of using NLP techniquesin your life.

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