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Increasing Sales Using Practical and Scientific NLP Techniques

Increasing Sales Using Practical and Scientific NLP Techniques

NLP is a science of neuro-linguistic programming. This science has very wide use. Sales is just one of NLP’s widespread use. With the help of NLP, you get a deeper understanding of the customer. So by knowing NLP you will have a greater influence on him, and you can convince the consumer better. Or you can increase the willingness to buy in the customer. In general, it can be said that using the increasing sales techniques in NLP can help you sell in a better way.


Best sellers need to continually increase their skills to stay at high levels. NLP is one of the things that greatly increases the sellers’ awareness and skill. The vendors’ world differs greatly from the clients’ world. You will succeed when you look with the customer’s view and choose. NLP helps you minimize the distance between your look (as a seller) and the customer’s. NLP techniques and assumptions will help you a lot in this regard. Read this article to understand NLP’s assumptions: “NLP assumptions are the key to success in life.”

How do NLP
increasing sales

How do NLP increasing sales techniques help the seller?
increasing sales with NLP

Attracting customers continuously, improving long-term relationships in business, and increasing the seller’s ability to communicate effectively with the customer is the benefits of using NLP increasing sales techniques. But how does NLP do this? NLP is a science that affects the central nervous system of individuals. In this way, by learning the techniques, you can influence customer decisions by having suitable behavior and emotional responses.

NLP increasing sales techniques introduce some solutions that have a set of skills. These skills help the seller get the clues that will lead to positive results in trading and sales. Stephen Covey in one of his book presents a clear vision of a successful sale by asking questions. These questions include:

  • Have you tried a lot for having a good conversation or you failed?
  • Do you have any skill and perspective for directing the customer thoughts?
  • Do you have any skill to reduce customer stress and increase their flexibility?
  • Do you have the ability to affect the mind and heart of the customer?
  • Can you use the potential ability of a customer’s wallet?
  • Can you overcome customer’s disputes?

Are NLP increasing sales techniques immoral?

Are NLP increasing sales techniques immoral?
Are NLP increasing sales techniques immoral?

Maybe you are thinking that the above things are immoral. But it’s best to know that NLP increasing sales techniques focus on win-win situations. In selling with NLP, you will be familiar with the customer’s attitude, needs and language. Based on them, you talk, behave and help the buyer to meet his needs. NLP helps you know your body language and the others. You can also recognizes the meaning and power of your own voice and the others, thus you can understand the thoughts of the customer without telling them.

How to surpass competitors by using NLP increasing sales techniques?

How to surpass competitors by using NLP increasing sales techniques?
surpass competitors by using NLP increasing sales techniques

You will understand the customer’s feelings by using NLP increasing sales techniques. When you use NPL techniques in sales, you assure the buyer that he will get a product that meets his needs and requirements. As a result, the customer feels more satisfied in dealing with you. In this case, you will remain in the customer’s mind because of your sharpness and awareness of his needs.

This makes your customers buy your products again and attracts new customers by the satisfied customers advertising. Because the customer considers you as a seller who never wants his personal profits. So they trust you more. If you be honest with them, you will become a worthy person and source for competitors. Buyers respect the sellers for making the sellers respect them too.

Think about this question very well in order to the customer believe that you respect him. Who do you prefer to buy from?

  • A seller who forces the customer to buy something
  • A seller who spends time to find your needs. Then helps you choose the best one and makes it easy to make choices.

The second one may be a little time-consuming and needs more skills. But if you learn the necessary skills, you can keep customers and add new buyers.

Before buying a product, the customer must first buy yourself!

Before buying a product, the customer must first buy yourself!
Get the trust of the customer

In the first step of NLP increasing sales techniques, the customer should buy yourself. That is, at first the customer should be interested in yourself and dealing with you. The customer must accept you and wants to deal with you. In this case, even if the price of your products is not suitable or your goods and services are not complete, you will be able to sell because of a good relationship with the customer. But if the price is right and the service is complete, but you cannot have a good relationship with the customer, you may be unsuccessful in selling.

Differences in sales strategies

تفاوت در استراتژی‌های فروش
what is your sales strategy?

There are two basic activities in sales strategies. What kind of strategy do you use in your work?

  • Showing the product (more attention to the product) – Many sellers are trained the best to present their product. These sellers increase the value of the product or services in the buyer’s mind, which can encourage the buyer to buy. In fact, the greatest effort and energy is used to attract more attention to the product. There are a lot of books and courses on this subject.
  • Effective communication (more attention to the customer) – This issue is often ignored. It’s very important to pay attention to the ways we learn skills to increase our selling without a lot of equipment. These skills make it possible to get more information from the customer. As a result, we can focus more on customer requests. Many sellers are not interested in selling after several years. One of the main reasons is that they afraid of the customer. This mode is created only because they do not know communication methods. When we get acquainted with the principles of sales and relationships, most people become lovely for us.

As you’ve noticed, the difference between these two strategies is in the heart of your attention. The difference is that you pay more attention to the product supply or to the customer and its demands? By using the first strategy you can show your products in a best way. But is this product suitable for the needs of a buyer? Do you pay attention to the buyer’s needs and feelings by the first strategy? Which one is more important to you, showing the products attractively or attracting and convincing the customer and increase sales by attracting more customers?

Increase sales by using miracle words
Increase sales by using miracle words

Increase sales by using miracle words
Increase sales by using right words

One of the influential factors in sales is the use of proper words during sales. You can use the miracle words to impress the customer. Words like comfortably, naturally, unlimited, aware, understanding, now, new, because, freely, expanded, researching, powerful and amazing are used in mostly every scenario. How to use these words in different situations can help you sell.

Words such as, belief, change, energy, healthy, growth, success, freshness and joy create positive emotions. Some words cause curiosity. Like: finally, showing, truth, imagination, illegal, discovery, revealing, and hiding. The most commonly used words are immediate, easy, simple, limited, and tested. Words such as: guaranteed, tested, and pioneer are used to trust. To get a better result, you should talk honestly and definitely, and use the words in the right situations.

As you see, NLP approach for influencing the customer is to get the customer’s trust and confidence and increase sales. In the next articles, NLP techniques will be explained to you for increasing sales.  

Live NLP to make your life enjoyable

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