The cells in the brain are known as nerve cells protector. In this article, there are five methods for keeping these cells alive. By keeping these protective cells alive, you can keep your brain young at all ages and be clever.

Research has shown that cells called glial cells in the brain protect the central nervous system. Glial cells interconnect the central nervous system and protect them physically and chemically. As a result, the more glial cells are, the faster the information is transmitted in the brain. Therefore, by keeping these cells alive, the brain can be kept young at all ages and be clever.

Research shows that, unlike many brain cells that die over time, glial cells can be increased throughout your life. You can increase the number of your brain glial cells with the five ways provided in this article.

۱st way:Physical exercises for being clever and physically healthy

1st way:Physical exercises for being clever and physically healthy

To keep your brain young and be clever at all ages, do not forget physical exercises. You must have heard this sentence: “Healthy mind is in healthy body.” This sentence is not a slogan. Even we can say that the young and clever brain is in healthy body.

Exercise makes the blood flow better in the body and thus produce energy. While exercising, more oxygen comes to our brain with blood. This oxygen reduces the toxins of the body. To keep the brain young and stay smart, start exercising from today. Even a little exercise will have a positive effect on your brain in the short and long term.

۲nd way: exercise your brain

2nd way: exercise your brain

Some activities harmonize your left and right hemisphere. To learn about the function of each brain hemisphere, read this article: “Do you know which of your brain hemispheres controls you? »

Ryuta Kawashima, in the book of simple mental exercises, says:

The best way to exercise the brain is to do simple mathematical calculations in a very short time. Another influential activity is reading a book aloud.

These two simple activities can improve your mind a lot. These can also help us in keeping mental abilities and reduce the harmful effects of ageing on the brain. He concluded that some of the activities could keep the minds happy.

Deep thinking and calculation exercises have the most positive effect on the brain. In addition to mathematical calculations, reading and writing also have significant effects on being young and clever. One of the simple activities that can help you stay smart at all ages is to solve the crossword and Sudoku charts. Remember that their complexity does not help your brain to be more active. Solving a simple puzzle is far better than having spent several days solving a complex puzzle.

۳rd way: your portable memory bank

3rd way: your portable memory bank

If you want to use your genius power, provide a pen and a booklet and have them always with you. Use this pen and brochure as your portable memory bank. Some are proud to keep everything into their minds. But this method is not the genius’s method. The great geniuses in history, such as Da Vinci, Michael Faraday and Einstein, used the method of writing the ideas.

Sometimes the most powerful techniques are the simplest ones. Write whatever comes to your mind. Many people do not write their ideas because they think their opinions are worthless. But think for a moment that maybe they are valueless because you have not written them.

۴th way: controlling the stress

4th way: controlling the stress

Stress is the first brain’s enemy. When you have stress, a hormone called cortisol is released in your brain. It hurts the part of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory. Of course, our body has a mechanism that can protect itself against stress. This mechanism is in the heart and is called the heart brain.

Each time your heart beats, it sends information to your brain. This information affects understanding, emotions and awareness. So the heart can regulate the nervous system with the information it sends to the brain in each beating. So you have the ability to prevent cortisol from releasing in your brain by controlling your emotions, or, in other words, managing your stress.

I recommend you to use NLP techniques for controlling your emotions better. To learn how to control your emotions by NLP conditional technique, read this article: “How to control your emotions by NLP conditional technique.” If you can be less stressed, you can have a young brain at any age and stay clever.

۵th way: sleep well to think well

5th way: sleep well to think well

Those who are deprived of sleeping experience it’s negative effects. These negative effects can be mental fluctuations, forgetfulness, and the signs in Alzheimer’s disease. Good sleeping at night can improve learning and increase the people’s creativity. So you’re actually damaging your brain by not sleeping enough and keep your brain young and clever by having enough sleep.

The five ways that were offered to keep the brain intelligent and young are all perfectly practical. You can use these ways to keep your brain clever and young at any ages. So please use these ways and introduce them to your friends.

Farshid Pakzat Research Group

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