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Know 8 successful parent’s features in relation to the children

successful parent’s features in relation to the children

Successful parents are those who have a good relationship with their children in the future because of their correct behavior and relationship with their children. In this article, we explain 8 successful parent’s features. We hope you also try to get these 8 features in relation to your children.


Successful parent’s features

Successful parents consider training their children as an investment. This investment will make them have a good relationship with them in the future and make a healthy, committed and informed generation for the society. For this reason, we must pay attention to training the children and communicating with them from the first days of their birth.
Although it is impossible to make a unique method for all parents, but it can be said that the successful parents who consider training their children as an investment have 8 features that we will explain in the following.

۱- Make a deep relationship with the child

Successful parents consider the point that their relationship with the child begins from the very first days of his birth. Successful parents are well aware of the fact that after their children birth, they are primarily parents and then the engineer, the doctor, the employee or…

Successful parents

Successful parents know well that from the first days of their child birth, everything is recorded by their child, and in the future, the child will behave according to the the information that has been recorded in the mind. Therefore, they try to make a deep emotional relationship with their child.

۲- Understanding the needs of the children

Some parents think that all of their child’s needs are financial needs. But successful parents are well aware that financial issues and facilities cannot be a good replacement for the time they need to spend for their child. Successful parents know that every period of their child’s life is associated with the special needs of that period. They try to prevent their child from having problems by recognizing and understanding their needs in every period of life. Because they know that ignoring the needs of their children can affect their future.

۳- Training the child with behavior instead of talking

child behavior

Successful parents are aware of the effects of their behavior on their children. They know very well that the best way to train a child is to behave correctly. Talking and blaming rarely affect the children. Instead, parent’s behavior has a clear message for their children. In fact, all parents have the most training impact by their behavior. So successful parents always behave carefully and consciously to train the best children.

۴-Supporting the children

Parents who are training well children always support their children. When the children see their parents as the supporter, they will be safe from many problems in their lives. On the other hand, when parents play a supportive role well, they are beside their child instead of being against him because of his mistakes. Because they know that they themselves have problems and mistakes, so they give their children the opportunity to make mistakes. Of course, protecting and supporting the child is not confirming his mistakes or not punishing him.

۵- Correct punishment

Correct punishment

Successful parents always support their children. But they react correctly in front of their mistakes. They believe that the best punishment for a child is his disapproval. Of course, this disapproval should be temporary and with enough explanations for the child to make him understand the cause of this disapproval and find a way to fix it.
Violent behaviors, fights and shouts are usually because of the parent’s weakness. Parents who have violent behavior with their child, have not learned the correct way of behaving or have not achieved the ability to control anger. Therefore, the best and most effective type of punishment for the child is disapproval and inattention (temporary).

۶- Short and simple answer

Good parents do not refuse to answer their child’s questions. Usually they try to answer their children’s questions, by the correct answers. Successful parents know that they should answer their child questions according to their age. Therefore, they always try to give easy and understandable answer which are in accordance to their age.

۷- Listening

Good parents give their child the opportunity to talk. They listen to their child’s speeches well and try to reach an effective conversation with their child instead of talking alone. Successful parents know well that if they do not give their child the opportunity to talk, they will destroy their child’s self-confidence. Since the self-confidence is on everyone’s emotional and psychological health, even if their child’s words are wrong, they also listen to his words carefully.

۸- Do not expect

Successful parents know that their child is not responsible for their difficulty. Although the child’s upbringing is very difficult and sometimes a combination of pleasure and grief, but they consider their child’s upbringing as their duty, and when they give good and healthy children to the community, they feel satisfied as they are doing their duty properly.
Successful parents do not bring up their children for themselves, but they try to give them an education for the children’s future and society. So they never expect them to compensate.
I hope you try to bring up well and successful children for your community with the 8 well parent’s common features mentioned above.

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