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Learn 7 main reasons for children cursing

children cursing

For the families who care about their child’s culture and politeness, the child’s cursing is not acceptable. In order to solve this problem, we must first find the cause of the cursing and child abuse. By studying this article, you will learn about the seven main reasons for children cursing.


The first step for solving the problem of children cursing

Cursing is one of the challenges that children may have from an early age or after being able to speak. Many parents, if they deal with such an issue, will quickly seek a solution. However, looking for a solution shows your importance to the child’s politeness and future. But first you must find the cause of your child’s cursing. Because otherwise you will not be able to find the right solution to solve this problem.

Angry Child

7 reason for child’s cursing

So the first logical step for solving the problem of child cursing is to find it’s reasons. Farshid Pakzat Research Group introduces you 7 main reasons for child cursing in this article.


Children learn most of their behaviors by imitating and looking at the others. Obviously, the parents have the most impact on the child. Therefore, learning from parents can be one of the most important reasons for child cursing. Parents are the primary behavior patterns for children, and children consciously and unconsciously want to imitate their parenting behaviors.
When parents use these words in the presence of children, the child shows this behavior and uses the same words to imitate his parent. Imitation is such behaviors that a child learn from his parent completely unconsciously. The child keeps these behaviors as criteria and then treats according to them.
The child doesn’t know that his father curse to the children or other people. When these words are repeated in the child’s ear, he will start to speak in his own language as well. Therefore, the child records these words in his mind and uses them over and over without paying attention to the place and conditions for using these words.

child's cursing

As a result, parents should be very careful about their speaking. Because your child’s mind is like a white paper. Whatever you do has an effect on his mind. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of cursing in children, you need to be very careful about your speaking in the presence of your child. But I recommend you not to curse. Because sometimes your child may hear what you say accidentally.

2-the other children

As mentioned before, the child learn and imitate from the environment and the others. After the parents, the other children have the most interaction with your child. So if your child has a relationship with a child who curse all the time, he will probably learn his behaviors.
Another reason for the other children’s impression on your child’s bad behavior is that your child learns from the other children to use these behaviors for showing his penetration and power or controlling the anger and impose his opinion to the others. So, in addition to being careful about your child’s friends at an early age, you should talk to your child about the bad behaviors of other children and make them aware of that.

3-the media

Today, different media are a part of our lives, like a member of our family. So the media, like parents and the other children, can have an effect on our child’s cursing. Seeing the cartoons and films in which its characters use to curse while they are angry or for joking, especially if it is a child’s favorite personality, plays a crucial role in creating and reinforcing this behavior.
So select the movies and cartoons for your child carefully. Remember that any suitable movie or program for adults is not good for children.


Commonly the children who have just learned to talk, after expressing each new word or phrase, are very careful about the reaction and changing the other faces. For example, when a child spells some words for the first time, people can give him the greatest psychological rewards by laughing.
Consequently, when your child is just starting to curse, do not reward him with any laughs or positive behavior at all. This is a confirmation for your child’s behavior. If you have done this for any reason, change it from today.

5- in need of attention

attention child

A child who needs his parents’ attention and affection sometimes use these words in order to get this attention. Whether it is positive or negative like the punishment and fights by them. Yes it is true. Your child needs your attention. If he does not receive this attention properly, he will use the other ways to get it. Even if the result is a punishment. So pay attention to your child in appropriate time and accurately.

6-these words attractiveness

Some psychologists believe that the children cursing, especially at an earlier age, is part of his linguistic process. The accent and pronunciation of this vocabulary is particularly appealing, especially for children. So try to create the attractive words for your child, with your communication.

7- Lacking of having skill for controlling anger

A child who is not aware of the correct way of controlling anger and has not seen proper training in this regard considers the behaviors of his parents, friends or children as a model. For example, he learns to curse during anger for releasing his emotions. Because he doesn’t have anything for defensing himself in front of the others violent. As a result, you must try to control your anger as a parent and try to train your child how to control it.
These are the 7 main and general reasons for child cursing, which can be better selected and managed with proper identification of each one.
Farshid Pakzat Research Group