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NLP love strategies

NLP love strategies

Every human has a love strategy that makes him behave specially. That is, your behaviors with the things depends on your strategy. For example, if one of your eyes is weak, you put the book against the stronger eye while reading.
In this article, we will focus on how to use your own sensory ability to discover skill in your romantic relationships and relationships with others. Try to ask others to understand more about this.
Ask a person to practice and understand the question of when you have to go to the gym to practice? Look at the other’s eyes carefully while hearing the answer. Eye movements tell you about the emotions behind this answer. To read more about eye movements and understanding the people by that, read the article “eye reading by NLP”.


Deep love strategy

Deep Love

Everyone has a particular strategy to love. When you come across someone and feel that you are interested in him, in fact, you want to impress all of his senses. These senses can be:

Visual sensation

This means that you are trying to look well in the person who you are interested in him. By wearing a stylish and charming clothes, you’ll compensate this feeling.

Audio sensation

You are trying to talk and use the words that this person becomes happy to hear. For example, define a funny memory to convey a sense of joy to him.
These things are appealing when you are not used to each other. But after a while every things become normalized and the feelings do not have their first power. What is the reason? The issue is that no particular event has happened. You and your love get back to your previous normal feelings.
Understanding the people’s strategy to be loved and using the words that affect them can help you. With eye movements, you can understand what the person is thinking about, and according to his thoughts, give him some suggestions to make him happy.

Points to follow

You should always consider some points to improve your love strategy in order to have a good lovely relationship. For example, try to talk about the questions and problems in a quiet place with a completely quiet tone. Or know your partner reaction to what you do.
Influencing the others
In any strategy you have skill, try to influence the others by those skills. This makes you a person with high ability to interact with the others. When you discover the other’s strategies, you can use them as a way to give information to themselves.
For example, you try to understand the strategy of a student in doing his homework. First you need to figure out what a person’s strategy is.

For this reason, you can ask him how to motivate yourself to play football? Then look at his eyes movements. Suppose that the student answers your question by the following answers:

I see myself playing with other players in football
(The eyes move up and to the left)
And I hear their sound that speak with excitement
(The eyes move horizontally and to the left)
I say to myself that we will win
(The eyes move down and to the left)
And I really feel good
(The eyes move down and to the right)
According to the student’s answer and his eye movements, you can design your own strategy. You know that to motivate such a person, you must first remind him a pleasant picture, and then remind him a good story, like the exciting sound of his teammates.