increase our decision-making

How to increase our decision-making power?

Our present life is the result of our decisions and selections. All people are informed of the effects of great selections like selecting work, and spouse. But do we have pay attention to the effect of small selections in our daily life? What effects do you think our selections, even very small selections have on our lives?

What are the effects of our selections on the daily life?

Our selections can be our best or worst friends. Every selection we do in life either will approach us to our purpose or will lead us towards defeat.

The important point about our selections is that each selection could initiate a behavior which is changed into a habit in long time, and it is hard to change the behavior to which we get used. Therefore, if our selection results in a wrong behavior for us, we get into a worse problem; then, it is not easy to put it aside.

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Hence, we should care about all our selections in life, whether big decisions or small decisions. From your point of view, what is the biggest challenge in decision-making and selection?

What is our biggest problem in decision-making and selection?

Many people suppose that the biggest problem in decision making are wrong selections. But the biggest problem of most of people in life is that they do not pay attention to their selections in time of making decision. Of course, we all definitely pay attention to our selections while making big decisions. But we do not pay the necessary attention to small selections and decision-making. So, these are the small decisions and selections which may bother us.


How can small selections affect our lives?

Small decisions and selections have both internal and external effects on our success and defeat. The person whose small decisions have bad influence over his life may know himself an unworthy person. He may think he is unable to do many things. He may make a negative image of himself and he does not know why such a thing happened.

This unpleasant image can gradually make some problems for us. Problems including different fears, doubt and skepticism, lack of self-confidence, lack of motivation and …. Therefore, we need to find a solution in order to perform accurately in the small decisions of our lives.

How to be successful in the small selections of life?

Some researches were conducted about the people’s selection methods. The research showed that when most of people have many options to select, it gets more difficult for them to select. Moreover, most people in these cases were more willing to select by chance. The interesting point in these researches was that those who select by chance were more satisfied than other people even if their selection were not reasonable.

Some investigations have been done on these researches and this directed the psychologists to recommend some points about selection in conditions of confusion and difficulty.


Selection in condition of confusion

Psychologists recommend that when we are in confusion, it is better to use a quick/fast decision-making method. Quick decision-making method means unconscious decision making. It means a selection without evaluation and logical review.

Dr. Newell, a psychologist in South Wells University conducted some researches in this case. In some selections like buying a house and a car, some of the testers selected according to the information such as price, color and beauty and some others have unknowing selections.

Investigations have shown that selections of second group is better and easier. One of the important reasons is that they select on the basis of the information, and they do not have the ability to access all the required information. This issue makes the selection process more difficult.

As well, it lessens the analysis power of people. Because on one hand, the volume of information to be processed by brain are raised and on the other hand, unavailability of some data will disrupt the analysis of some information.

Selection in difficult condition

As psychologists believe, the best type of decision making in difficult condition is quick selection or unconscious selection. Because our unconscious represents less sensitivity to unnecessary information. As a result, our selection is done according to the more significant information. Thus, we can achieve desirable results more easily.

In selection based on thought, all information whether sensitive or unimportant are evaluated. The significant point here is that most of the times, information are graded according to their arrival/input time. Therefore, many times selection on the basis of thought may confuse us, especially when we are almost involved in collecting and reviewing the information.

However, pay attention that it is never recommended to use quick selection method in the vital selections. As we explained in this article, our discussion was more about small daily selections. In addition, be careful that you cannot achieve the best results through selections based on unconscious from the very beginning day. But you can practice it and gain better results. We hope to have correct selection and make a terrific life for yourself.

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