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Overcoming fear is possible by these five methods

Overcoming fear

Fear is a word that you are involved with it every day, and there is fewer people without fear. This feeling does not belong only to humans, but perhaps the fear that is seen within humans is greater than other beings. We afraid of doing the things we have not done before. The fear of driving is only on the first days. Or fear of flying is only on your first flight. In the article ’’what is fear, there is a full description about fear. But in this article, we want to explain the ways that can help us overcome our fears.


Identify the fear factor

What scares you? Knowing what makes you afraid and learning how to overcome it, is one of the most important factors in defeating fear. In psychology, the fears that are making for us are identified. No one is born with fear. Therefore, fear can be identified by continuing practices and monitoring the sense of fear until these exercises are performed.

Write your current fear factors in a notebook or even in your mobile phone. One of the problems that is not important for most people is not to identify fears. No disease can be treated without identification. The purpose of writing is defining and identifying your internal fear to make sure what creates fear for you.

Accepting the fear

The second step of the factors that can overcome your fears is to accept fear. We cannot always escape from fear. If I want to say more precisely, fear does not disappear. In the above example, we told the fear of driving makes you not to experience driving. If we accept the fear, we let it grow inside us day to day.

Facing with the fear

Some people believe that they should not be faced with fear, and because it is not a permanent sense, it’s not worthy to risk for it. If you can face with your inner fears, then you are overcoming them. Note that this step needs that you have done the two previous steps, identify and accept fear.

Facing with the fear

When you face with your fears, knowing its worst and best results is the point that helps you. For example, think that if I fail the driving license test, then I have to pay and test again and if I can successfully pass it, I can get a driving license. It is important to know the results of your work.

Visualizing the success

The best way that athletes can do to succeed and overcome their fear is to visualize the success before the match. Mental visualization means processing successful results from the work that is being done or is going to be done. How many times do you visualize the success before doing a job?

Get help from the others

Get help from the others

There is nothing wrong with getting help from the others to do the things you afraid of. You can get help from the others by knowing your positive points and weaknesses. For example, if you afraid of the TOEFL test, you can talk to the friends who have succeeded in this test and find new ways to be better in the test. Sometimes talking to the others or using their experience is a good encouragement for us.