Read this article if you cannot do a deal while you know all skills about sales and customer satisfaction, and you cannot get a good profit from selling products or you cannot convince all your customers to buy, we teach you 5 effective techniques to do a deal.
Before explaining the techniques to do a complete deal, it’s best to know when the customer is ready to have a complete deal.

The customer speaks quickly

During the sale, when you notice that the customer is not concern anymore and begin to talk more quickly and is accepting your words, you can use complete sales techniques.

Feeling closeness with the seller

It happens when the customer suddenly feels more closeness with you and begins to ask you personal and friendly questions; at this time, you can use the complete sales techniques.
How can we complete the deal in the best way and sell more products?

Complete the deal in a theoretical manner

By doing this, you can realize whether the customer intends to buy the product or not, and the seller can ask the customer some questions to understand the customer’s wrong idea about the product in his or her mind, and then solve that and complete the sale.
Question: do you want this product to be gift-wrapped or not?
Question: do you bring it now or I send it to you later?
If the customer answers to your question so the deal is completed, but if he says that I did not say that I want this product, you can ask him what is the problem with the product in your mind? Or ask a customer is there a better product in your mind?

Complete the sale by answering customer’s wrong ideas about the product

The customer finds faults from your product and you will complete the deal by solving them.
Example: A customer finds faults from the yarn of the dress.
The seller replies: “If you like this model, I’ll bring you a correct and well one.”
And if the customer says yes, the deal is completed.

Getting a positive response from the customer

You should ask the customer some questions about the product you are going to sell. For example, ask the questions below and get him interested to the product.

response from the customer
  • Did you want a blue jacket?
  • Is the type of coat brand important to you?
  • Did you say long or short?
  • Don’t you want another color?

These questions involve the buyer in the products they want to buy and you need to be careful that a large number of questions can bother the customer. Try to ask thought out and correct questions.

Afraid of losing the products or discounts

According to psychologists, fear has the greatest power of emotions and among fears, fearing of losing something has the strongest power; now a good seller can complete the deal by using this fear of human beings.

By using sentences such as:

  • only one of this model is left
  • This product’s discount is only for today
  • This product will be no longer available

Now you are a professional seller and you can use these techniques to have a certain sales and get enough profit.

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