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Progress in life and work by 8 simple and practical points

Progress in life and work by 8 simple and practical points

We all like to make progress in life and work. There are many easy ways to progress in work and life that many people do not know. In this article, there are 8 simple and practical points to progress in life and work.


۱- Think about developing every day

The only way you can progress in your life is having self-knowledgeand developing yourself. You should have a daily program to succeed and executeit accurately and step by step. This way you can clearly understand where youwill reach. The happiest are the people who finish the day by the successfulways.

۲- Don’t let today’s affair slip to the dayafter

To achieve your dreams you must start from this moment. Ifyou have the necessary motivation to succeed, you won’t miss a moment toprogress. But when we say “I will start from tomorrow”, we will probably saythe same sentence tomorrow, and may never start the necessary things toprogress and success.

۳- Today makes your tomorrow

3- Today makes your tomorrow
makes your tomorrow

We all know that today is the result of yesterday. Yet, wedo not try for tomorrow. To motivate ourselves, it is enough to imagine in whatpositions we will be tomorrow by our efforts. So, for developing, make apicture of your own future where you have succeeded. Obviously, if you do nottry, you will not achieve anything. You may even lose what you have today.

Do not you think it’s the time to invest on yourself? If youare dissatisfied with your life today, you should move and choose a way foryourself. The correct way which is selected based on your exact situations andability.

۴- Never be satisfied with small successes

If you just pay attention to the small successes you getevery day, you’ll be drown and won’t try more for it. Successful people knowthat today’s victory is temporary. It’s natural for you to be happy for thesuccess you earn. But this pleasure should not make you a proud one with not enoughtrying for the main success. You must always try to succeed and these smallvictories are some small rewards to encourage you to know you are going throughthe right way, but it’s not the end.

۵- Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave

5- Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave
successful people read about 12 books every year

Try to learn something every day, by daily learning yourmind understands that trying for success is still continued. So if you continueto learn daily, your mind continues to work toward the goal. Successful peopleare smart ones who use of their time in the best way. They never have wastedtime. They are always reading the book and increasing the level their knowledgeabout their profession. Experience shows that successful people read about 12books every year.

Of course, it’s important to note that reading a book aloneis not so important. But what makes your progress and success is how much youlearned from what you read. You should also see those who have a high level ofstudy without any efficiency. These people show well that study alone is notenough. But we must learn what we read. Otherwise there is no progress.

۶- Progress in life and work needs planning

6- Progress in life and work needs planning
you should have a plan for achieving your purpose

It is obvious that you should have a plan for achieving yourpurpose. Be sure all successful people move according to a plan and model. Butthis program must be in accordance with your requirements. For example, if youare interested in a particular sport, you first need to check if you have thetalent and ability for this sport and its initial criteria. Then make a planaccording to your physical and time conditions, and specify for yourself theappropriate time interval. In this way, you can become as professional as youlike.

Be careful that your program should be just for yourself,because the program that others have succeeded with may not be appropriate foryou. Because the appropriate program is a program which is made for your needsand situations, and everyone has his own needs and situations. So do not try touse the others program for being successful. If you get the others program, tryto edit it in accordance with your own situation.

۷- Provide introductory works

You need to do something before every works. To progress inlife and work, there is also a need for some introductory works. Perhaps theseintroductory works for progress in work and life may change your current life.For example, you may need to reduce your time of rest. If you do not want tochange and do not provide introductory works, then do not expect to besuccessful.

If you need to spend money for learning in the way ofsuccess, do this. Because your talent value is much higher than the cost youpay for it. Perhaps at first these costs seem to be like wasting the money. Butafter a while, you will realize that these costs are investment for the purposeyou have. You need to be courage for changing. So don’t afraid and pay theprice.

۸- Execute your knowledge

8- Execute your knowledge
executing what you know

Know this that progress in your work and life is possible byexecuting what you know. Your knowledge is not useful when you don’t executethem. You need to find out where and how you should use your knowledge. Youhave to try for using your knowledge. Because otherwise, your knowledge willnot change your life and will not make you developed.

The 8 points we mentioned are essential for progress andsuccess in life. We hope that by executing them, you pass the success waysquickly.

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