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How to progress in our work by understanding our partners?

How to progress in our work by understanding our partners?

It is very important to achieve understanding with colleagues in the workplace. In order to progress in your work, you have to have your work needed skills and achieve the effective communication and understanding with your colleagues. Otherwise, you will have some problems in progressing. In this article, we explain the importance of understanding and its method.


When are wein understanding with our colleagues?

When are we in understanding with our colleagues?
When you achieve agreement with your colleagues, progress in your job will be definite

It is instinctive for most people to have understanding with the others. Like breathing. In fact, most people do not think about this issue. Only when they have an understanding with the other person they feel better.

Perhaps you have noticed that it is easier for you to have understanding with some people, while you do not feel like this with the others. When you come to an agreement with someone through effective communication, you are comfortable with him. When you have understanding, you discus about the subjects easily and agree each other and finally execute your plans.

When you achieve agreement with your colleagues, progress in your job will be definite. You do not spend too much energy to convince your colleagues and you can easily solve problems because of your understanding.

What is understandingand what is its difference with trust?

Understanding means that two people do not have difference and understand each other well. The sense of agreement is to have synchronization with each other, just like the two who dance with each other. Usually, two people achieve this understanding when the benefits of both are in the same direction. Consequently, they understand and accept each other’s opinion. When two people are in agreement, they also respect each other’s opinions, even if their beliefs are not the same. But trust is something that is only achieved by time and experience. So instead of expecting your colleagues to trust you in the workplace, try to achieve agreement with them.

Why is it soimportant to have understanding in the workplace?

Why is it so important to have understanding in the workplace?
the secret of doing the things correctly is hidden in a good relationship and understanding

Since doing the things is the priority in all businesses,most organizations often find ways to punish and encourage their employees. Peoplework for the rewards they receive and try not to be punished. The issue ofunderstanding in these methods of punishment and encouragement has no place.

The truth is that punitive and incentive methods onlyrespond to those who are at the peak of the power. It’s just for doing thethings, not to create a dynamic organization that moves forward quickly. Weneed to know that the secret of doing the things correctly is hidden in a goodrelationship and understanding. And this is the point that business leaders haveachieved. Therefore, they do not do their work by the methods of threateningand encouraging.

How to achieve understanding with our colleagues?

How to achieve agreement with our colleagues?
You can communicate effectively with anyone in the workplace

If you want, you can have agreement with some people whom you do not have a lot of things in common in the work environment. To do this, you need to achieve a right communication with them. Even with those who seem to be unable to communicate with them correctly. As we said it is instinctive for most people to achieve agreement with the others. In order to achieve understanding with your colleagues, you must deliberately and consciously do some behaviors by your choice. It means that you replace your instinctive behavior with voluntary behavior. That way, we can have agreement with our colleagues.

In the following 4 methods are given to achieve agreement. These 4 methods are the techniques for making effective communication in NLP.

  • Listening and looking: paying close attention to the other person, the speed and song of his voice, and especially his body language.
  • Coordination and mirroring: Finding the things in common and coordinate with the other one
  • Synchronization: Continuity of coordination, accept and respect to each other.
  • Leadership: Encourage and lead the other person to change his way of thinking.

We hope that you will be able to achieve effective communication with your colleagues in the working environment with the help of the above points and efforts to achieve effective communication through the use of NLP techniques, and this way you can progress in your work as quickly as possible.

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