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Improving relationships with the others by using NLP techniques

Improving relationships with the others

One of the secrets of human success is having a better relations with the others. You should have a good relationship with them if you want to be able to interact with people in the workplace or in the home or community. Well, you may tell me I cannot deal with everyone in the same situation and there is no problem in my relationships with the others, but we’ll tell you how to improve your relationships with the other people by NLP techniques.


Be a good listener

Suppose you are talking to a person, but he does not pay attention to you. You probably feel that person is disrespectful to you. If you do not listen to your colleague or your friends or even your spouse, they feel that you do not care about them.
Being a good listener means that in addition to listening, try to have an eye contact with the speaker to understand the subject. For example, if your colleague defines what happened to him on the way to the company, listen to him carefully and say your opinion after the end of his talking. If you voluntary or involuntary jump in the middle of his talking, he will have a bad feeling about continuing it.

Pay attention to the positive points of others

One of the best ways to improve relationships is to have a positive opinion about the others. It is not easy to know the people’s positive points. For example, if your colleague is talking to the phone in the work and distracting your concentration. Here, a negative opinion about him is made in your mind before reminding him to be quiet. Even if he leaves this habit later, this negative opinion in your mind will be kept. Try to solve the problems or misunderstandings with a positive opinion of the past and logical behavior.

Respect for comments

All people are different in beliefs, opinions and thoughts, and it is very rare for them to be similar with each other. We are the human with different beliefs and opinions that should respect for them if they are true or false. The following are some of the things that can help you to respect the others beliefs and opinions.

  • Thinking about the other’s opinions
  • Do not force them to accept your beliefs
  • Do not be an extremist defender from your opinions
  • Your thoughts are not better than the other’s
Respect for comments

The meaning of respecting beliefs is not accepting the other’s individual beliefs. But to improve the relationships with the others, you have to respect their thinking and views, and do not have any extremist beliefs.

Do not prove yourself to the others

In some cases, we try to show the others that we have the ability and skill to do extraordinary things. Proving yourself to the others may not have a negative result in the short term, but it gives you the opposite result in the long term, and it’s a way to make that people get away from you.
The above mentioned points are NLP techniques used for improving the relationships with the others. What methods do you use to improve your relationships with the others? Share with us.

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