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Remove the negative energy from your life

It seems we live in an environment surrounded by negative energy. The situation in the society makes us feel the negative energy around ourselves. News, prices, economic conditions, social networks, people’s words in bus, metro, taxi and … all have a lot of negative energy. So, we have to find a solution to remove negative energies from ourselves.

Many talk about transferring negative and positive energy. But do we really transfer negative or positive energy to the others? Are these words scientifically and right? Where are these energies come from? How are they produced? How can you control them? You will receive all these questions’ answers in this article.

Are we really transferring negative or positive energy?

We know that the world is made of energy. Everything has energy in the world. On the other hand, according to the physic law, energy does not disappear, it only changes from a form to another form. So, when someone has negative energy, he sends this negative energy to the world. This negative energy does not disappear. On the other hand, we know that, according to the law of attraction, similar energies attract each other.

So if we produce negative energy, due to the physic laws and the law of attraction, we will surely attract the other negative energies into our lives. What are the sources of negative energy? We need to know it to stop making negative energy.

Negative energy sources

In general, there are two main sources for producing energy in every human being. These two sources are our thoughts and feelings. Experiments have shown that both human feelings and thoughts have energies and send them as frequencies. Therefore, negative thoughts and feelings like jealousy, frustration, fear, anxiety, and … attract the other negative energies to our lives due to the negative energy production.

Negative energy sources

Different bitter and sweet events happen to us. So, every moment there may be negative thoughts and feelings within us. Is there any way to stop creating negative thoughts and feelings? Yes! If we know what makes these thoughts and feelings, we can prevent them from being created.

How to stop creating negative thoughts and feelings?

Negative thoughts and feelings are generally made by three factors. Our perceptions, our beliefs and negative words. In the following we explain about each of them and the ways to deal with them.

1- Perception

There are some people who find positive points in every difficult situations. It’s related to the people’s perception. In fact, this is our logic that shape our perception about different issues.
One of the other issues that affects our perception at the moment is our view angle. Our perception about every event is related to our viewing angle. For example, we may see an apple and think that it should be a delicious apple. But if we see that apple from another angle, we might find that it’s a rotten apple. In fact, our view angle makes some misunderstandings, and misunderstandings create the negative energy within us.

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2- Beliefs

Our beliefs shape and guide our lives. It can be said that a person can be defined by the beliefs he has. The belief’s power is so much that a patient who believes that he will be treated will be really treated and the same patient who doesn’t believe that he will be treated will fail against the disease.

Beliefs and believe

Therefore, in order to get the negative energy away from our lives, we must be able to replace negative beliefs with positive beliefs. In order to eliminate negative beliefs from your life, you need to know how the beliefs are created.

3- Words

Using different words affects different parts of the brain. Research shows that when we use positive words, the activity of a part of the brain that recreates negative thoughts and memories will be decreased. In addition, the words have positive and negative energy.
Perhaps you do not believe, but the above image is two halves of a tomato that one of the students of Professor Pakzat used positive words for the left and negative words for the right half. You can see the effects of positive and negative words clearly. So try to remove negative words from your dictionary.
The above ways are for stopping negative thoughts and feelings. Now what should we do if we have any negative feelings or thoughts for any reason?

How to control negative thoughts and feelings?

We introduce 3 ways to stop creating negative thoughts and feelings.

1- Anchoring

Anchoring or conditioning is one of the strongest techniques in NLP. With this technique you can control your feelings in any situation and change your mood quickly. The effect of this technique on psychology has been proven by Mr. Pavlov.

2- A technique for changing the feelings

One of the other NLP training is about the direct impact of mind and body on each other. NLP has some exercises that you can use them to have a physical change in yourself and then change your mood quickly.

3- Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not related to the religion or belief. Not only all religions, but also many great people with different beliefs throughout history, point to the importance of thanksgiving and its impact in life. Thanksgiving has such a power that we can use it to treat diseases.

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