Which one is better, salary or commission?

Do you prefer salary or commission? Your answer to this question determines your potential power for getting wealth. By studying this article, you will find out which answer leads you to become wealthy. So be with us to the end of it.

Most people prefer to have salary. These people are looking for a job with salary and retirement. Many believe that having a salary and retirement is an assurance for a comfortable life. But is it true? Does salary and retirement have financial security for us?

Are you looking for financial security or do you afraid?

Are you looking for financial security or do you afraid?

Why do some people feel financial secure when they get salary? These people need to receive an exact amount of money at a specified time, at the beginning or end of the month. That’s why they become sure and get calm. For this reason, they feel that they have financial security.

But the truth is that living on a security basis is actually living based on fear. Read this article to find out the reason for claiming that trying to live in security is equal to live with fear: “10 Steps to Succeeding Out of the Safe Area – Success is waiting for you behind the doors”

In fact, people who prefer fixed salary are afraid that they will not be able to earn enough money on the basis of their performance. It means that they don’t believe their performance and ability. This uncertainty makes them afraid of receiving commission. As a result, they are satisfied with a steady income to live and actually survive. Of course having salary is not bad if it does not prevent you from obtaining whatever you can achieve by your ability.

How do you earn money? By your abilities or selling your life?

How do you earn money? By your abilities or selling your life?

Most people who have fixed salary actually get it based on the length of time they work. For example, they have to work 8 hours a day and receive a certain amount of money for that at the end of the month. But successful people get money based on their working results.  For this reason, these people will use that company’s benefits.

In fact, people who have fixed salaries get money for their spent life. But successful people use the benefits of that work by relying on their abilities. So, according to our limited life, we should not limit ourselves in earning money by determining a fixed salary. Because in that case, we must forget to be rich.

No pain, no gain

No pain, no gain

It has been pointed in different languages and cultures that wealth cannot be obtained without suffering and danger. This is a truth. Usually, people’s income is proportional to their risk. In English, the proverb: No risk no gain, low risk, low gain, high risk, high gain is the same. In fact, the proverb says quite clearly: we do not get anything without risk, we get little things with low risk and get great things with high risk.

Which one of them make you rich, salary or commission?

What should we do to get wealth?The rich people believe in themselves and their abilities. But poor people need to an assurance because they don’t believe in themselves. So they are always looking for salaries. So, to become wealthy, you have to believe in yourself and the abilities you have.

Remember that getting the others rights will never make you wealthy. If you want to select a job, make sure your money are paid out on a percentage basis, otherwise go ahead and work for yourself.

So you have to work for yourself and set up your own business based on the commission and percentage of work. Whatever it is, you surely have created a situation that allows you to earn money based on your performance. Be sure that earnings based on performance will have a better result than earnings by selling life.

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