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Should children use mobile phone?

children use mobile

Parents have always been concerned about their children. In some years ago they were concerned about their child to be injured in playing or watch TV a lot. But nowadays, one of the problems that the parents are experiencing is the children’s access to the mobile world and tablet.
In this article, we will talk about whether it is good for children to enter the technology world with mobile phone or they should have an age-limit to access it, or if they have a mobile phone at all, why it can be both useful and harmful.


Why children should not use mobile phones

Some experts in this field, think that the age of 12 is suitable for children to be familiar with the world of mobile phones and tablets. First, we explain the reasons why children should not use mobile phones.

Behavioral changes

We all know that there is unlimited available information for users in virtual world. The children’s mind have the ability to imitate and repeat everything. This makes the children change their behavior towards the different issues. Parents can somehow control children in this regard.

children should not use

Mental illness

Unfortunately, some parents make their child familiar with the mobile world without any training and paying attention to the dangers. Experts believe that extreme use of technologies like mobile phones creates mental illness, stress and personal disorders.


Inactivity is not only harmful for adults, it is also harmful for children even with their high activity. Excessive use of the mobile phones is a very important cause of being inactive and some illnesses such as diabetes, weight gain, and so on.

Why children should use mobile

It cannot be said certainty that the children use of mobile phones and tablets is harmful and parents should have extremist idea about it. There are some reasons that show the children use of mobile phones cannot be harmful.

children should use mobile

Strengthening the power of analysis

If we have a comparison between the 8 year-old children of the present decades with the two previous decades and evaluate their imagination, we will surely realize that the children of this generation have a good mind for processing information and imagination. In fact, the most important factor is that they grow up in an environment full of technology and communication.

Connect with the world around

There is no doubt that communication skills can make children grow and improve, and social networks can be the cause of this happening by the huge popularity they have in the world. By technology, our communication in life is not limited to our environment around us, and we can find new friends in there. But this requires parental care.

Children are becoming dependent on technology

Nowadays, children have mobile phones and it is a common issue for parents. You even see that parents sometimes buy smartphones to entertain their children. When we do this, we will create a new and addictive training for them. Now, what is the role of parents?

Education is better than preventing

We cannot disagree with technology according to the great amount of useful information and many electronic things. It is better for parents to use the better method that is teaching them the correct way of using them.