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Should the couples be the best friend for each other?


Many people believe that successful marriage is happened when the couples, in addition to meeting each other’s needs, be the best friend for each other. That friendship must be the best one. But this thinking is completely wrong. There are many reasons to prove that this thought is not correct. We will explain about it in the following.


Friendship and marriage are different

Marriage is a close partnership and is according to the emotions and logics, while friendship is a common intimacy based on a sense of friendliness toward the other person. Friends do not live together in a home for many years, and their common intimacy is quite intense rather than widespread.

Couples are partners in many daily events in a way that the one’s feelings have a direct impact on the other one. It can be concluded that marital life has a heavy responsibility for both sides. In addition, in friendly communications, the independent needs and interests of both parties are emphasized, while the marriage focuses on the family and love commitment.

The meaning of friend

If we say:’’ that person and I are the best friends”, it has a meaningless meaning. Because the kids and teens often choose a similar person and consider him the best friend. But in some adults, the concept of the best friend is for the younger people, and when a person become older, his close friends will be fewer than before.

Friendship and marriage together

Marriage and Friendship

We mentioned above that the couples cannot be the best friend for each other, but both of them can have friends and talk with them about the most personal issues in life that are made because of the problems of imagination and fears such as doubting or feeling afraid of talking about them with your spouse. Get help from your friends instead of involving your partner in some problems.

Personal privacy

Personal privacy couples

Undoubtedly, the couples have defined a personal privacy for themselves, which can be called the existence of a red line in a relationship. But in a friendship, there is no such red lines, and one of the biggest differences between the romantic relationships and the friendly relationships is the existence of personal privacy. If you think you should be aware of all the behaviors of your spouse throughout the day or comment on them is a mistake. Lack of personal privacy makes you feel you have no freedom in home.

Love is a guarantee for a relationship

Those who start their marital life or a relationship with love, can eliminate some issues that are not so important in friendships, such as wealth differences, cultural differences, and so on. In fact, the two people who love each other can ignore these things. But this does not mean the end of the problems until the end of life, and they should solve the problems like a friend and do not shift the responsibility to the other one.