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6 practical exercises to treat the disease by thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not related to our religion. One of the wonderful effects of thanksgiving is treating a disease. Being thankful for the gifts we have in the world is something that all humans need to do to succeed in life. In this article, we explain the effects of thanksgiving in life and introduce 6 practical exercises for treating the diseases by thanksgiving.

The words of the famous people about thanksgiving

Not only all the religions, but also the famous people, point to the needs of the thanksgiving. Here are some examples:

Nasir Khusraw

All of us know this poetry from Nasir Khusraw:

Gratitude (to God) for (receiving) the bounty, will increase your bounty
Denial of the bounty will cause you to loose what you already have

As a last case, Voltaire (one of the most celebrated French philosophers and writers) who was strongly opposed with Catholicism during his time and he wanted freedom for choosing the religion and the separation of religion from politics, said:
Thanksgiving is amazing. It makes us have everything that is great for the others.
Why is it so important that the different people with different religions emphasize on it?

How does thanksgiving affect our lives?


For example, when we thank God for our own health, we are visualizing the health and the good feelings we have. Visualization affects our unconscious mind. In fact, by visualization, we direct our unconscious mind to the thing we visualized. The unconscious mind helps us to get that thing.


When we want to thank for the gifts we have, we think about them. Thinking about the gifts we have will make our moods better and change our feelings.

Changing the feelings

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) believes that the body and mind interact with each other. We have bad feelings when we have a sick body. If we change our feelings, we can change our physical condition and become better, so when we change our feelings with thanksgiving, we will directly bring ourselves closer to health.

The effects of the words

All our words are positive in thanksgiving. Maybe this is the only time in life that all our words are positive. These positive words have some effects on the feeling’s change and a direct impact on the brain. The use of positive words reduces the activity of a part of the brain that produces bad memories.
In fact, when we use positive words, we make our moods better. You know how the strong mood is effective in improving the disease. It helps you increase the morale of a patient with a hard disease.


Karma law tells that we send every message to the world, we receive the result corresponding to that message. What do you think we receive when our sent message to the world is thanksgiving? Here we have to mention Voltaire again:
Thanksgiving is amazing. It makes us have everything that is great for the others.
Yes! The karma law makes us have every great things when we are thankful for the gifts in the world. So we should pay more attention to Voltaire’s words. It means that we shouldn’t be thankful only for ourselves. But when we see some gifts for the others, we should be thankful. Now that we have realized the importance and effectiveness of being thankful, we can introduce 6 practical exercises for thanksgiving so that you can help the diseases to be treated with them.

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6 Practical exercises to treat the disease by the help of thanksgiving

1- The health in the past

To do this exercise, imagine at least 10 times when you were feeling well in the past (thinking and visualizing) and then write them on a paper. Then be thankful from the bottom of your heart for the gift you had. Try to do this really from the bottom of your heart (feeling change). Try to make this thanksgiving not just in your mind, but also in the words you say (the effect of the words). Repeat these words three times.

2- The health in the present

True, you may be sick. But all your organs and your soul are not involved with the disease. So be thankful for that part of you that is not involved with the disease and is healthy. In this exercise, try to do this with all the feelings that you have. Try to imagine the healthy parts of your body and thank God for their health. Again repeat your words 3 times.

3- The diseases in the past

Yes, you should be thankful for the diseases that you had in the past for two reasons. One is for the diseases’ treatment. One is that these diseases’ treatment gives you a reason to thank God and you know this thanksgiving is a way to treat the disease and the problem you have today. Do not forget to repeat it 3 times.

4- The disease you have now

You must be thankful for the disease you have right now. Because it makes you think more about being thankful. In addition, this disease has made you remember that you have the other healthy organs and be thankful for them.

5- The health in the future

If you believe in Karma law, if you are sure that Karma will answer you, you must thank God for your future health too. Do this with the bottom of your heart. Repeat the positive words of thanksgiving 3 times.

6- The others’ health

Don’t forget that thanksgiving makes us have everything that is great for the others. So be happy for the others’ health and happiness. It makes their healthiness be attracted to you.
In order to get the result from these exercises, you must repeat these exercises every day. Thanksgiving helps you be recovered and treated when it changes to a part of your existence and your daily habits.

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