Effectively Strengthen Your Willpower

6 Ways to Effectively Strengthen Your Willpower

By doing the 6 points mentioned in this article, be sure that your will becomes strong. We must have strong will to achieve our goals. Since the will is an inner force, nobody can help us to strengthen our will better than ourselves. The power of will exists within all human beings as a tool to succeed. We just have to try to strengthen it to succeed. In this article, 6 points will be explained for strengthening your will.

1- Value yourself

Valuing ourselves is the first condition for strengthening our will. You ask why? Because when we value our existence, we have passion to progress. This passion makes our will stronger. Each person has different existential dimensions. Like physical and mental dimension. A person who does not value his / her body may become fat or have various diseases for his neglect.

But someone who values himself, cares for himself and plans for his own progress. That is, someone who values himself, has goals in his life and tries to achieve those goals. Otherwise, he may feel routine, repetitive, and emptiness. So the first step for strengthening the will is to value yourself.

2- Say goodbye to the word “If only”

Saying goodbye to the word ‘’if only’’ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any wish or forgetting your wishes. But it is good for willed people to have wishes. Because these people turn their wishes and dreams into their goals and one day they turn their hopes into reality.

Strengthen Your Willpower

Our wishes and dreams can be two models. One model is the dreams we try to achieve them. But the second model is the dreams we can never achieve them. When we think about these dreams, we are actually begging them. It means that we do not have any will to turn them into reality and we just think about them. So, if you use the word ‘’if only’’, it shouldn’t be like you are begging. Regret and begging is forbidden for a willed person.

3- Talk about your small goals to the others, don’t talk about your big goals to the others

It is better to talk about small goals to the others. Many small goals are about changing our habits. So when we explain these goals to the others, our changing behavior will not be a question for them. In fact, by explaining the small goals for the others, we will not be asked many questions.

In addition, explaining small goals to the others is good, since it makes us more committed to doing that, because of the explanation we gave to the others. The same thing strengthens our will. But it is better not say big goals to the others. Because there are so many people who have negative energy. You may face with negative energy and negative words when you talk to someone about your big goal.

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For example, you decide to increase your information in a specific field in order to start up a new business. This will be your big goal. You should study one hour more per day to increase your knowledge. This will be your small goal, which is a kind of changing habits. In this example, it is better to say that studying 1 hour more per day is your goal, but you do not need to say that your goal is to start up a new business.

4- Have self-esteem to have strong will

Yes, having self-esteem is good. Do not make a mistake! Self-esteem is different from selfishness. A selfish person cares about his own idea. So there is no way for the selfish people to make progress. Because these people think that they are completely perfect, so they do not have any will to make progress.

Effectively Strengthen

But self-esteem is a positive feature. A person with self-esteem precedes his own opinion on others. It means that he is not too influenced by the others. He has the power to analyze and can use the others opinions to make the best possible choice. So someone who has self-esteem, contrary to the selfish person, cares about the others opinion. If he faces with an opinion that is better than his own idea, he will accept that.
Therefore, if you have self-esteem, you can use the others experiences and opinions in the best way and you can even make their comments better. This improves your will. So try to have self-esteem to strengthen your will.

5- Try to have inclusive thinking

The meaning of inclusive thinking is to believe that the cloud, the wind, the fog, and the sun and the globe are all created to help us succeed. When we believe that all creatures are created to help us succeed, we feel safe in our hearts and our will becomes strong.
We have to see everything in the world as the puzzle pieces which are separated from each other. When we decide to do something, these pieces will put together to help us. This positive thinking strengthens our will.

6- To keep your strong will, try to separate effort from the result

Will is just about the effort. So separate the result from it. Achieving the desired result depends on many factors that having strong will is just one of them. So if you do not get the result, it shouldn’t have negative effects on your will. Be sure that if you start doing something for any reason without having a strong will, you will not get the desired result. In order to be always hopeful about getting the best result from your efforts, try not to make the will dependent to the result.

We hope you follow these six points to have strong will. By strengthening your will you can achieve your goals in life.

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