talk to your boss

How to talk to your boss

Talking to the boss is an important issue that is effective in your work. Because the person who can improve your position or salary is more important than the others in the company you work in. It’s not enough to have a good performance to coordinate with him. But it is essential for you to be dynamic and active and never shrink hard works. Another important way for becoming friendly with your director is to coordinate your behavior with his behavior while doing the best.

In other words you should know his characteristic, tendencies and interests, and then match your moods and movements with his mental framework. For example, if he works quickly, answer his questions briefly, and if he wants to know the details of anything, describe the content with details. Also, before the conversation, have the information you need and know everything about the subject.

The general rule for talking to the boss

According to the following points, you can be more successful in this area:

  • Think about what you want to talk, and be prepared to decide according to your director’s request.
  • Know everything about the subject you want to talk and be prepared to provide a clear and convincing answer for any question you may have. Be careful that by giving misleading and wrong information, you will only change the work’s direction.
  • Have brief, clear and complete suggestions.

How to become agree with him?

When you talk to your boss, you need to make him agree with what you want to do. But how can you do this in the best way?

Understanding the behavioral characteristics

You must know your boss’s behavioral characteristics and have a lot of intelligence and flexibility to coordinate with him. It means that if you want your boss accept something, you must know how to talk to make him agree and get his positive idea. If we know our boss well, we try to talk in a way he likes. For example, if he has pinpoint idea about the things, you should explain what you want to do completely with details. Because you know that if you don’t do this, he will not be convinced and accept your work.

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How to talk to your boss


There may be some problems between you and your boss due to the lack of coordination. Even if he made you upset, you should respect his dignity and respect him.

Your point of view

By presenting your point of view, develop your manager’s vision and understanding about solving the issues. Think about his feelings while commenting your idea. In other words, talk about your ideas only when your boss is in a favorable mood state.

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