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Teaching 8 Steps to be pragmatic for Success

Are you among the people who have a lot of information and knowledge but do not execute them? By studying this article, you learn how to become pragmatic. If you are one of those people who say good things but they do not execute them, read this article.

Why do some people know but do not execute their knowledge?

Why do some people know a lot or know how to do a job but do not do it? These people usually have mental barriers for being pragmatic. So, in order to become a pragmatic person and to execute our knowledge and information, we must eliminate these mental barriers. But before explaining the mental barriers for being pragmatic, we look at the way to success so that the importance of being pragmatic becomes clear to us. To succeed, you must complete these steps:

  1. Correct thinking
  2. Learning science
  3. Practice
  4. Practice
  5. Practice
  6. Repeating the practice
  7. Success

In fact we should say, awareness is different from ability. You need to increase your awareness in the second step to success. But you will get the ability after acting.

What is the difference between awareness and ability?

What is the difference between awareness and ability?
knowing a job doesn’t mean that you have the ability to do that

When you do not know something but by studying, participating in a class, or by any other method, you get information about that subject, you get awareness about it. But you can get ability when you do something you have learned for several time. In this situation, the person has the ability to do things.

Therefore, people who are not pragmatic can be divided into two categories: the first is the people who do not know how to do something you tell them to do. The second group is the people who, despite having enough knowledge and information, do not execute their knowledge or do poorly. When you ask them about this, they say this famous sentence: “I know all these but I cannot act.” And of course, the key to success is to act.

How can we become pragmatic?

How can we become pragmatic?
do your best to get the ability

If you are one of the first category, you do not know how to do things, we recommend you to increase the amount of study and knowledge in your field. If you are in the second category, come along with us to give you a formula for being pragmatic.

A formula for being pragmatic:

۱٫ Create a need

We should have some needs in life so that we do something to meet our needs. Until a person doesn’t need to something, he cannot enter this formula. Look at your life and write down all the needs that you have in your life.

۲٫ Creating questions: Why do I need this? What do I want to solve it for?

Ask yourself what is the cause of this need? What is the solution to this need?

۳٫ Getting awareness to escape from this suffering and to achieve the pleasure of meeting the needs

Read about the answers you give to the second-step questions to get the information you need.

۴٫ Motivate

You are motivating yourself by raising awareness in the third step. Of course, this motivation will not be with you more than several days or weeks.

۵٫ How do I ask the question?

To answer this question, you need to increase your awareness.

۶٫ Removing the barriers

6. Removing the barriers
remove the success barriers

We should identify the barriers that prevent us to work. Some of these barriers are: fear, laziness, postponement, saying I can’t, shyness, wrong thinking and pride. After identifying the barriers for being pragmatic, you must try to solve them.

۷٫ Measuring motivation over the course and refueling

The motivation for success is like fuel for a car. On the road to success, you should always be careful about how much fuel you have. Whenever you feel motionless in this way, you have to refuel and motivate again.

۸٫ Practice, practice and practice

You must constantly do all these steps to succeed. Doing each step will give you the motivation to move to the next step and act.

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