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Teaching Milton model or ambiguous language in NLP

Teaching Milton model or ambiguous language in NLP

Milton Model or ambiguous language in NLP helps you convince others by penetrating into their individual’s unconscious mind and motivating them to do something.


Because it’snot possible to convince others to do something they do not want to do. So Miltonmodel or ambiguous language is one of the NLP techniques that we use tomotivate others to do something.

What is theorigin of Milton model or ambiguous language?

What is the origin of Milton model or ambiguous language?

 Milton model or ambiguous language is theresult of an examination of the method of hypnotherapy by Dr. Milton Erickson.Richard Bandler and John Grinder, founders of NLP, found that Milton Erickson,as the most famous hypnotherapist, uses the ambiguous language for treatmentwhich is very successful and effective. To understand Milton model better, wefirst provide a brief explanation of how Milton Erikson works.

How wasMilton Erickson’s method for the treatment?

How was Milton Erickson’s method for the treatment?

In general,the mind has two modes: uptime (objective time) and downtime (mental time). Ifwe pay attention to the outside world, we are in an objective time. When we payattention to the deepest part of the brain and less aware of the world and theexternal motivations, we are in mental time. Trance is a special kind of mentaltime in which one can reach the unconscious mind. A trance is a good time tosolve problems and cure diseases. Because in the time of trance, the consciousmind goes away and the unconscious mind is used. In Hypnosis we use trance modeto solve a person’s problems.

Asmentioned, Dr. Milton Erickson used ambiguous sentences in hypnosis. Thisgeneralization and ambiguity in speaking caused a hypnotic person have theopportunity to take personal impressions of Dr. Erickson’s speeches. In thiscase, the individual interpreted the content in a way that is harmonious withits own mental frameworks (see this article for learning more about the mental framework:“How to convince people easily by knowing their 7 different mental strategies?”).So Dr. Erickson could pass through the hypnotic person’s resistance andpenetrate the deeper layers of his mind more easily.

Bandler andGrinder used of Ericsson skill and presented it in the form of NLP. In thisway, others can use this method in different situations. This method was namedMilton model in honor of Dr. Milton Erickson.

How to useMilton model or ambiguous language to convince?

How to use Milton model or ambiguous language to convince?

While the wordshave only 7% role in communications, this amount directly affects the results.This effect is not transmitted only through the words itself. But also thesentence and its structured is determinative. One of the skills of politicians,leaders and managers for being effective in speaking is to use Milton model.

How doesthis effect create? Milton model’s key aspect is that it is created throughtrance. It means that by using the ambiguous language, the conscious mind isdistracted and the unconscious mind is accessible. Therefore, the listeneraccepts your words more than before, and in this case it is easy to convincethe people and the listener has his own thinking about your words. This makesyour speech more enjoyable for the listener. Because you do not conflict withhim, so by bringing his mind with yourself, you can induce your goal.

Of course,pay attention that ambiguous language can make people confused and make thembelieve that you are a superficial person. That is why the ambiguous languageshould be used carefully and at a time when it is useful. In general, MiltonModel is a way to use language to create and keep a trance in order to catchthe hidden resources of the other person. This method is very similar to thenormal workings of the human mind. We need training for using it properly.

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