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Teaching the use of unconscious mind by memories in NLP

Teaching the use of unconscious mind

Have you ever experienced a special feeling when you hear a song or smell a particular food? These feelings are created by saving the information of past memories in your unconscious mind. In this article, you learn how to use the saving memories in the unconscious mind to affect the others feelings and guide them to the specific reaction you want.


How can the unconscious mind make the past feelings alive?

How can the unconscious mind make the past feelings alive?
unconscious mind save feelings

We all have bitter and sweet experiences in our lives and we have bitter and sweet memories in mind. For example, many years ago when you were young, you were definitely taking part in family activities. You should have enjoyed these activities. The reason for your pleasure is directly related to the activity itself.

Now, when you make that memories alive in your mind, you will be happy. But this feeling is not the result of that family activity. So how can you experience the same feelings without doing these activities again? This is the result of the saved feelings in your unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is full of different bitter and sweet feelings. Notice the following examples:

  • Turn the pages of your family album and you will be happy by the effects of the happy memories of the past.
  • Listening to an old song changes your mood.
  • A pleasant smell of a special cake or food will bring you a happy childhood memory.
  • Someone’s behavior reminds you your father’s anger and you will be affected and scared.
  • Listening to a music will bring you the past memories.

In all of these examples, the feelings of that memory will be alive without repeating the activity you have done in the past. But if you look carefully, some of these feelings are more intense and some are slighter.

How effective are the memories of unconscious mind?

How effective are the memories of unconscious mind?
unconscious mind and old memories

In the examples without realizing that by looking, hearing, or touching something at the moment, we are reminded of a similar occurrence in the past, and our unconscious mind feels it again. Reminding the past feelings as more unconsciously is more effective. Its great effectiveness is because of its invisibility.

To better understand the case, you can tell a tragic event for one of your friends, an unpleasant incident that has happened in your life. For example, talk to her about the day you lost a friend or one of your relatives. Talk about everything about that incident. Tell everything you remember. The weather, the color and the shape of the clothes you were wearing, the characteristics of location, your friend’s clothes, your perfume, the song that was played in those moments from the radio or television, and …

One of these suddenly makes you sad and cries again. The more effective case is more unconsciously.

How does the cinema industry use the power of unconscious mind?

How does the cinema industry use the power of unconscious mind?
The cinema industry use unconscious mind

Many skilled filmmakers also use the power of past memories in viewer’s unconscious minds. If you’ve been watching the movie, like many people who saw the jaw movie (by Steven Spielberg), you know that its horrible music was the symbol of the huge shark attack and makes a lot of psychological changes in you.

  • Has your heart rate intensified?
  • Have fears and stresses come to you?
  • Is your breathing rate increased?
  • Have your palms got wet from sweat?

After the first time that the song was accompanied by a shark attack, once again, the fears and stresses that were first created in you would be alive within you by listening to that song again. To create these feelings within you, you no longer need to re-view the shark. Listening to that song revive all the feelings that were recorded in your unconscious mind.

Use the power of the unconscious mind in business

Use the power of the unconscious mind in business
use unconscious mind in business

The recorded feelings in your unconscious mind are also effective in your behavior with the other. You can use the power of the unconscious mind to create effective communication with others.

Gil Hima, a famous employee of the California Real Estate Agency, always met the owners of the house before he sent someone there for renting or buying. He wanted to know which characteristic of that house had a great effect on them. He asked them:

  • Which part of this house do you like more?
  • What characteristics of the house is the most important to you?

Their answer help them in buying and selling or renting and hiring the house. He asked question from the housewife who lived in the house. Then he watched the kitchen where the lady, the owner of the house, proudly pointed to the windows and the outside scene. She pointed to the garage and the gardens where the green peas grew. For example, she said: “The green pea in our garden grows so much that all neighbors come to our house to watch it.”

Gil Hima could sell the building in the shortest time with his gained information. Hima later went to the new owners and asked their reason to buy that house. With the information he gained, he could recognize the needs and interests and introduce the best option.

How does understanding the power of unconscious mind affect our lives?

affect our lives

When we are with someone whose feelings are irritated, whatever we say and whatever we do, will be related to that feeling and recorded in his unconscious mind. This is usually done at the unconscious level of mind. As a result, whenever we repeat the same talk or the same behavior, we will revive the previous feelings to him. Knowing this phenomenon allows us to notice the reactions we make in others. Paying attention to this allows us to reach useful results and notice the feelings and memories we create in the others minds.

If we touch a person in a bad mood, he will be upset if we touch him in the future without any particular external cause. Therefore, we conclude that we must touch someone when he is in a good mood. In this way, if we touch someone later in an unfavorable situation, the memory about previous pleasant touching will improve him.

How to use the power of the unconscious mind to reach the desired wish?

reach the desired wish
use the power of the unconscious mind to reach the desired wish

The process of reaching the wishes of the bosses, customers, lawyers, friends or spouse is very easy. Ask the person to make one of his most memorable moments in mind alive. For example, if you want him to experience a pleasant reaction or response, ask him to review the pleasant incident in your mind. In this way, he can remember many happy joys in his mind by remembering that pleasurable incident.

The purpose of getting the appropriate response is to provide a suitable context for having an effective communication with the audience. The person’s mental state (his feelings) plays an important role in how he treats with your ideas and suggestions. By providing a suitable background for getting the desired response, you make a condition in which your audience agrees your point of view or suggestion in a way that you are interested in.

At the end, pay attention to this point, because communicating with the others unconscious mind through positive memories is a powerful process and, in comparison with the other methods, it may be misused or used wrongly, so please be careful while using it. Self-respect and self-esteem is a very valuable asset. If you miss this, you will lose everything.

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