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The Best Customer Acquisition Techniques

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition, in addition to providing the best products and better services than the other competitors, needs the other effective factors which are called emotional stimuli and the effects of this on the buyers’ decision increase the sale.
According to the US Small Business Administration, more than half of all businesses fail in their first five years of activation, and these statistics show that they could not sell enough. But how are emotional stimuli effective in increasing the customers and how can this technique be executed?


Effective emotional stimuli

You need ads in order to attract more customers. If you want to get the customer’s attention to your business ads, you can use these words.

Get free

You may have seen, in chain store, this kind of ads that there is a poster with the written words like ‘’ buy one, get two freely.” The word ‘’free’’ is a reason for a buyer to think less about a product he should buy and almost the free products become a reason for him to buy. If you own a business, you must give the customer a reason to buy. The phrase “free” is a reason that makes the buyer feel that he has benefited from purchasing.


Everyone loves the cost-effective services. The second important word after the word ‘’free’’ is the word ‘’ cost-effective’’. This means that the buyer feels that he has benefited from the product he has bought. In most cases, consumers are looking for the ways to decrease the costs.

Buy 1 get free

According to Stanley Tang’s external marketing, people always tend to make money, or save their money, or spend their money for buying new things. As a business owner, you need to have the ability to make a good feeling for the customer when he leaves the store, rather than leaving there with a sense of losing money and buying a very usual thing.
Buyers should know that a similar product that is offered by other vendors is more expensive. By doing this, you encourage them to pay more attention to your product and service.

Simple service

You may have gone to the store to buy a product, but you have forgotten to buy due the seller’s trying to sell the product. If your service be simpler and more honestly, the customer can have a better relationship with the seller and the product. Do not repeat the words that confuse the customer and do not try to sell the product that you want. If the customer be under a lot of pressure to buy, he will not buy, even if the only vendor of that product is you.

The newest product

Consider the time you are looking for the newest phone in the market, and it is logical to refer to the seller who has the newest product of that brand. People are always looking for the newest product. So it is logical to show the customer the newest product by knowing enough information about it.


This method will be effective when the buyer does not trust the product or the store. While buying a TV, if you tell the buyer that this product is licensed in Europe and has 5-year guarantee, the feeling of reassuring will be transferred to him. It is normal for the customer not to trust the business because of many sellers, and it is the seller’s duty to make him trustful.
Emotional stimuli, if used correctly, are able to turn a customer into a buyer, and this happens when you can use these stimuli correctly.