How can sentences affect our increasing self-confidence?

Half of the sentences we use every day affect our lives unconsciously, and nobody can reject it. Some believe that human activities can make some goals happen, but we will explain how sentences can affect our increasing or decreasing self-confidence.

We need self-confidence in all conditions in life to be able to continue our way and feel progress in ourselves. Imagine you have to have a short speech for more than 20 people in 5 to 10 minute. If you’ve already review all the points you should talk about and wear your best clothes, but you do not have enough self-confidence to have a small speech, you have not really achieved any success.

Sentences and their effects

When we are talking about a subject, we are actually evacuating our own beliefs about that subject. If our own beliefs are well-formed, we can take a positive step toward increasing confidence. Being optimistic is a point that people forget it most of the time. You should see that when you talk to a pessimist person, your fear, stress, or opinion about that subject will change for a moment. When your speech is full of positive and optimistic points, the self-confidence you get from your sentences will be more than before.

The words we use represent the personality and the power we have about ourselves. Sometimes you may use the words ‘’you cannot’’ or ‘’it’s impossible’’, and you repeat the negative verbs for yourself. Repeating such words will prepare your unconscious mind to accept you are weak. Using the words such ’’I can’’ or ‘’ it’s possible’’ can give you some feelings like optimism and having power.

Increase motivation

Words have a great power. During a study by Professor Maureen, the professor at the Mount Royal University in Canada, he confirms that the words we use actually make a part of our motivation for doing something. Exactly when you need to increase your motivation, you will make it with the words you use. In a survey on 32 tennis players, they noticed that all people talk loudly to themselves when they lose score in order to get their motivation again.

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sentences and Increase motivation

Conversation with people

Well, this question may come to your mind “who should we talk to if a conversation and expressing sentences can affect our self-confidence’’. The answer is simple, yourself! When you talk to yourself, a kind of internal conversation is formed, and you can analyze what is happening better. The internal conversation will make us have a better feeling about ourselves, and get self-confidence in the challenges we face. In fact we are increasing our self-confidence by improving the type of words during an internal conversation.

How the words are repeated

Émile Coué, a French scientist conducted research on 10 people. Five of them had the duty to say “I can become better every day”, and five other people had the duty of saying “I cannot become better than before” and repeated these sentences every day. The result of this experiment on the first group, who were negative people, was that the sentences completely changed their viewpoints, and in the second group, who were motivated and optimist person, was that they changed to the persons whom their daily idea had a negative effect on their behavior and self-confident.
Sentences play a big role in our lives, some of the sentences we say can change the way of our lives or the others’ lives. In Karma, whatever we do return to ourselves. This law is also in our conversations. So what we say and what we hear is important.

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