Source of Abundance to Get Rich

Please Do Not Get Disconnected from the Source of Abundance to Get Rich!

How much do the circumstances influence over getting rich? How much will the role of mother, father, living place, birthplace and the general conditions of our lives play a role in getting rich or not getting rich? If we have no familiarity with the rules in the universe, probably we suppose getting rich depends on conditions. But the reality is that getting rich does not depend on any of these conditions. We should connect to source of abundance to get rich.

What is the source of abundance and why is joining the source of abundance the factor of getting rich?

Do you think that there is definite and fixed amount of wealth in the world and some people have divided this wealth among themselves and you have no portion of it? Do you think some have spoiled your right and didn’t let you to get rich? If you are busy with such thoughts, it is clear that you imagine the blessings of the universe is limited. Such a thought will make you get disconnected from the source of abundance.

source of abundance

Dear friends! Blessings are not limited in the world. The universe and its creator are the source of abundance. If we don’t get disconnected from the source of abundance, we can find the ways to get wealthy, but unfortunately many of us with our wrong thoughts don’t see the chances, opportunities, positions and ways of getting rich before our eyes. In the following, we will explain 7 beliefs inhibit us from getting wealth.

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1- It is not God’s willing! A sentence to get disconnected from source of abundance

If you ask someone “why your life situation is like this”, they answer: “It is not God’s willing”! Why should God want poverty and misery for his creatures? God who has created a world with infinite blessings, why should he make a misery situation for some of his creatures? A creator who is in the highest place in the universe.

When we attribute our shortages to God, we are producing lots of resisting energy for ourselves in the way of getting wealth. In this way, we are asking the universe to put something in which we believe in our way. When someone believes that his poverty and misery is God’s willing, he has neither motivation to move nor ability to make changes in his life.

To get rid of this restrictive belief, we need to replace a contributory belief. To remove this restrictive belief, you should repeat again and again: “your shortages in life has nothing to do with God. You have right to select and you can decide and connect to the source of abundance and blessings of universe or don’t connect to the source of abundance and continue your life”.

2- Our right has been spoiled, a sign of a restrictive belief

When we say that others spoil our rights, we show that we are involved in a restrictive belief; a belief in limitation of sources and wealth in the world. If we believe that wealth and blessings are unlimited in the world, we do not imagine anymore that others spoiled our rights.

restrictive belief

When we believe that the sources of universe is unlimited, therefore we should believe that everybody can benefit from these sources as much as his ability and efforts. As a result, reaching wealth or not reaching wealth depends on our effort and we do not assume that other people have spoiled our rights.

3- I don’t deserve to get rich!

This assumption that I don’t deserve to get rich is a restrictive belief. Beliefs are our moving directions in life. When someone believes this, it is evident that he/she cannot proceed in the way of getting wealthy. Those who think they do not deserve to get rich, they attract poverty and misery to their lives, because this is what they believe in.

If you assume that getting wealthy does not match the spirituality, in fact you are taking distance from finding wealth. If you pay attention to spirituality and assume that wealth gets you away from spirituality, in fact you are imagining yourself reaching an undeserved wealth blessing.

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4- I cannot get rich!

Negative words can refer to a kind of restrictive belief. All abilities and skills you need to reach wealth are learnable. When you say with yourself that I can’t get rich, you inhibit your learning. So, expression of “I cannot” is a restrictive belief.

In fact, it can be said that your abilities and skills do not make you get rich; rather, it is your thought that gets you close or far away from wealth. If you believe that you can, then you will try to learn and get empowered.

If you really believe in infiniteness of blessings and do not get disconnected from the source of abundance, then you believe that you can do whatever you want; since you are a part of the universe. Thus, you have the properties of the universe in yourself. Consequently, you yourself are the source of abundance, a source of abundance to reach whatever you need and you want. So, believe in your abilities.

5- I have never been lucky

There are two troubles in the heart of this idea. The first one is lack of belief in abundance. By such a view, we will get disconnected from the source of abundance. Because we assume that gaining wealth and blessings depend on having chance. When we assign the failure in getting successful and wealthy to chance, it means we do not believe in the limitless wealth in the universe.

The second mistake in such an idea is that we will create negative energy in ourselves with such a view towards the universe. We know that similar energies attract each other in the universe; thus, when we think of our misfortune, we are absorbing negative energies to ourselves.

So, it is better to put aside this restrictive belief, i.e. belief in misfortune and basically, belief in chance and do not get disconnected our relation with the source of abundance.

6- That’s what it was and so it is!

Many people look at the history of their lives and say: my life has been always the same from the very beginning and no change will be made in my life even in the future”. This is a restrictive belief, too. As we have already referred, when you believe in something, take step in that way. When you believe that your life doesn’t change, you are making a barrier inside yourself to change the situation.

Instead of believing in such a restrictive belief, look at your past and learn from it. Do not doubt that previous failures are valuable lessons for you that if you learn them, you will get succeed tomorrow. So instead of getting disconnected from the source of abundance, try to learn from the past.

7- I don’t know how to get rich!

Instead of thinking that you don’t know how to bring wealth into your life, think that you should learn the ways to reach wealth. You may say both of these sentences are the same, but the first one is a restrictive belief. You are focusing on “not knowing“. The second one is a contributory belief, because you are concentrating on “learning“.

When you concentrate on your weaknesses, you are making barriers to reach wealth and success. By such ideas, you are getting disconnected from the source of abundance. If you really get connected to source of abundance, you believe that you can find the ways to achieve wealth and bring it into your life.

Dear friends, your beliefs can determine your fate and future. If you form your life with contributory beliefs, you can reach wealth and other demands you have in your life. But if your life is involved in restrictive beliefs, you are closing the doors of success and wealth. I hope that you be able to replace the restrictive beliefs of your life with the contributory beliefs.

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