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treat illness by the help of NLP techniques

treat illness

Helping to treat illness is one of the of NLP usages. We can use NLP techniques to plan our unconscious mind. In this article, we teach 3 methods to treat illness faster. Follow Farshid Pakzat Research Group.


How do NLP techniques help treating illness?

As we mentioned, with the help of NLP techniques, we can plan our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind has a lot of power and many of our daily activities are controlled by the unconscious mind. So, if we record the belief of treating in our unconscious mind, we can make the process of treating illness faster.
Here are 3 ways to treat illness by using NLP techniques

First method for treating illness: concentration

What are the most people concentrate on when they are sick? Maybe we can say that most people concentrate on 3 things. The time period that is needed for treating according to the doctor’s words, or treatment duration, the drugs they need to use and finally the pains and the problems they have because of their illness. Now let’s see what we get by concentrating on each item?

The result of concentrating on the treatment duration

By concentrating on the treatment duration that the doctor has told us, we unknowingly plan our unconscious mind for treating in that particular time. When we focus on that: “The doctor says it lasts 3 weeks to be cured,” we are actually training our unconscious mind that we will be treated in the next 3 weeks.

concentration in treating illness

So being treated in that particular time, with the help of the power of unconscious mind, changes to a belief for us. When it changes to our belief, it’s hard to change it, and that belief happens to us
Therefore, we must not focus on treatment duration for treating illness. We should not say continually: “20 days later, 19 days later and … “Instead of doing this, we need to focus on recovery, health and our good mood after being treated.

The result of concentrating on using medications

When we focus on using the medications, we are teaching our unconscious mind that the treating illness depends on the use of those drugs. This becomes worse when we concentrate on using all the medicines.
We do not want to say that you should not use the medications or don’t use the medications that the doctor told you to use incompletely. But we say that by concentrating on this, you’re teaching your unconscious mind a program. In this program, you say to your unconscious mind: “my illness treatment depends on using these drugs,” or “I will be cured just when I use all these drugs.” If you put this program into your unconscious mind, you won’t be treated faster.
So our suggestion is to use your medication, but instead of concentrating on using medications and finishing them, concentrate on your health, the result and your good mood after being cured.

The result of concentrating on the pains

Until now, you must be realized that we achieve what we concentrate on. Because when we concentrate on something, we plan our unconscious mind to achieve it. So what happens when you focus on pain? You will have more pains. So, if you have illness, please do not think about the disease, the pain and the problems that you have because of the illness. Instead of focusing on pain, focus on the health and goodness that you get after being cured.

Second method for treating illness: indoctrination

Perhaps you’ve heard that if a patient doesn’t have positive and good thoughts about the doctor, the medications that the doctor prescribes will not work on that patient. This is true, and it’s because of the power of indoctrination. In fact, indoctrination is one of the ways to plan the unconscious mind.

treating illness indoctrination

In order to believe in the effect of indoctrination on treating illness, I explain the result of a test for you. This test was conducted on two people sentenced to death according to a psychiatrist recommendation. In this experiment, they closed the eyes of the first person and put him to death by cutting his hand vessels. On the other hand, the doctors was checking and notifying his body temperature, heart rate, and so on. The second one also saw all of this.
For putting the second person to death, they closed his eyes, but instead of closing his hands with the rope, they closed his hands with a tube that was full of the liquid with the blood concentration and temperature. Instead of cutting the second person’s hand vessels, they cut the tube and the similar liquid to blood was flowing. The event was that the second person died right with the first person’s symptoms. Yes, the second one, without losing any blood, lost his life. This is the power of indoctrination.

Third method for treating illness: visualization

A test was executed on a number of athletes. They were asked to close their eyes and visualize their exercises. Their brain and muscle responses were checked by the help of some devices. The result showed that their brain and muscle responses are similar to the time they really exercise.
In fact, our minds do not have the power to recognize the real conditions and the conditions that we imagine. So, with visualization, we can rebuild the situations that are not real for us. This method is not theoretical. A weightlifter hurts before the competition and he is in a coma for a while. After he wakes up from a coma, he doesn’t have enough time to prepare for the competition. But with the help of a psychologist, he can use the same method to prepare himself for the competition and win a gold medal.
In order to use this method correctly, you need to visualize yourself as a healthy person. If a member of your body has a problem, you should visualize that member in a healthy condition to get the desired result from the visualization.
At the end, remind you not to expect to get the best result by these methods very quickly. You must believe concentration, indoctrination and visualization as 3 effective ways to treat your illness and use it continuously. In this case, be sure that you will see a significantly faster disease treatment.