Using of conditioning

Using of conditioning and anchoring techniques by NLP

All the people have reaction to the events in every second of their lives. Sometimes this reaction can make us happy like love, fun or other things or it can be negative feelings like sadness, pain and other things. In fact, the feelings we have throughout the day are not constant and always vary.

If we have more positive feelings that is very good, but in most cases it is not like this. Having a bad memory or fear from the past causes your negative feelings prevent you from using your opportunities in life or doing your job properly. NLP gets help from the conditioning technique to solve the problem, and the problems can be solved by these techniques.

Conditioning or Anchoring Technique

Conditioning or anchoring technique is one of the NLP techniques that helps people to create a positive feeling in themselves when their negative feelings are overcoming and they are in sensitive situation. It means that we can create an inner state for ourselves by using the external motives. This technique is called conditioning or anchoring by NLP.

How to use Anchoring and Conditioning

In order to use this technique, you need to do the job correctly. You must have enough concentration to do this.

  1. First remember the positive mood and feeling you have experienced in the past. No matter which memory but be careful that memory must make you feel good.
  2. Touch a part of your body while you are thinking about the good memories of the past.
  3. When you need to feel good, you can touch that part of your body you used during anchoring and you can experience that good feeling again.
Anchoring and Conditioning

Anchoring requires several things to do that we will mention in the following:

Different Feelings: Use different good memories and feelings if you want to do several anchors.

Best Feelings: Use the memories that really make you have positive feeling.

An easy place for anchoring: Choose a place for touching in your body that you don’t use much every day. Like pressing your auricle or the smallest finger on your hand.

Expand the anchoring by NLP

One of the best ways to work with the concepts of NLP is to find yourself in an optimal situation. In this situation you are in the best possible position and the best feeling mood. This is just like being in a good position in exercising. Ask yourself what is the best way for you to do the following?

  • Effective learning
  • Excellent performance
  • Communication with the others

Remind the dates and times that you’ve been successful. If you remembered correctly, what experience did you have at that time? Where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing to help you succeed.

Conditioning is not just about changing negative situations into positive ones and it can also be effective in people’s feelings.

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