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Is wealth achievement a reward for people or a consequence?

If you make attempts to reach wealth and that effort distinguishes you from others, then you will achieve wealth. The result of wealth achievement is obtained from the endeavors which you did not hesitate for it.

This is an unwritten rule about money: the more intelligently you try for money, the more wealth you will obtain. Now, this question is raised: “Is achieving wealth counted a reward or a consequence?”

Do we deserve to get rich?

One of the biggest questions raised among the normal people of society and those who did not get rich is: “Do I deserve to get rich? Can I achieve my dreamy life?” Many people do not know themselves qualified to get wealthy. Such thoughts may be imposed upon him from the childhood or they consider it as their fate.

deserve to get rich

All wealthy people believe that they deserve the bests and certainly, they will not be satisfied with they have now. The belief in achieving wealth does not practically exists in people unless they institutionalize it in themselves. You may say wealthy people progress on the basis of their own money and their assets are added, but if take all their assets away, be sure that they will start their ascending trend; because they believe that they reach what is named wealth.

All people can get wealthy

As we mentioned, the positive and sweet point about the money is that all people can achieve it. Money exists regardless of your life in yesterday or 10 years ago. If we assume money achievement as a football game and our lifetime is the minutes of that game, then like a professional team, we should have plan for every minute of our life to find wealth. The rules existing among wealthy people is that they observe the game rules and they do not wait for the money to be found, rather they try for it.

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Effects of Our Thoughts

When we talk about money and its achievement, is our thought about it correct? For example, we say all wealthy people did not earn money through its correct way. Or you think that we need to work full time and remove our recreations to get rich? Think with yourself that if you have lived with such thoughts for years and you have not got any results, certainly it has been wrong. Look for a way to get new results by changing your thoughts.

Effects of Our Thoughts

Reward or Wealth?

Reaching wealth is the reward of our efforts. Richard Templar, the author of “Rules of Wealth” stated:

Some while ago, I was watching a program about automobiles; there was a man who cleaned the cars of rich and famous people and polished them. This man received 5 thousand dollars for each machine. Is this money a reward or the result of his efforts? This money is the value he specified for his work and if he earns good money, it is the consequence of his idea, effort and skill.

Money and Solving Problems

Well, if we say that money is not a solution, you may say this article is just a slogan and you will remember the problems which were solved just by money. Yes, that’s right. Money is nearly the solution of all problems but for those who know how to use it. You may even have solved all of your problems. But is your thought of money and spending it correct?

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