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What is a purposeful life and how to have a purposeful life?

purposeful life

Purposeful life is, as its name implies, having a clear goal in life that may include all of our goals. People who have a purposeful life are like water in river, which follows a certain path, and no barrier can prevent them. Certainly, a life based on the goal has ups and downs that can be considered as a barrier to success. But how can we have a goal-based life?


Having the best friends

We all have close friends and feel close to them and spend a lot of time with them. Now, this friendship may have formed in childhood or in college, but in both of these, there are friends who support you.

Best Friend

Our relationships have an important effect on life. People who have a purposeful life are trying to filter good and supporter friends, and only have the friends to support them. Good friends can bring you closer to success, and bad friends can even keep you far from the goal you have. You can now think about which of the people you are dealing with can have an impact on your life and your goal achievement? Try to increase your relationships with these people.

Being responsible

In the above example, we said that there are barriers in the river’s direction which are the problems of a purposeful life. Being responsible means not to escape from the problems. But after accepting that there are some problems in the way to success, you have to go one step further and find a solution for the problems. Do not blame someone or even yourself for the problems. Before blaming someone, try to look for a solution. That’s what the purposeful people do.

Continue the way to success

The most important principle of purposeful life refers to individual progress, and in order to achieve this, you have to move in the way to success as quickly as possible.

Tony Robbins

Everyone has experienced bitter mistakes or memories. But as Anthony Robbins said:

The past is not the same with the future unless you choose where you live

You have to pass the past before moving forward. You shouldn’t think about the past until you cannot change what has happened.

You are not in competition

You are creating a purposeful life, not a match that you imagine you have to win, and failure means not getting a medal. Success in life doesn’t mean trying to make the others fail or feeling that you are not as successful as the others.
You try for yourself and your goal. When you understand this, you will notice that you can work with the others to achieve the goals. Most importantly, the sense of competition creates a kind of fear in people.

Do not explain for the others

Everyone’s goals can be unique and there is no need to explain what you want to do. Purposeful life means:

  • Looking at the future with our point of view
  • Follow our goals and pay no attention to the others negative talking

When you adhere to these two points, the individual success doors will open up to you and you put the principle in your life that you have no other idea other than achieving the goal and for what you are doing, you only think about the goal and don’t pay attention to the others talking. Purposeful life allows you to choose your route and follow it.
Purposeful life brings meaning and joy to everything you do and makes you feel more satisfied by completing each task. One question in the mind is why we live? Only the people with purposeful life know the answer.