What is fear and how can we defeat it?

What is fear and how can we defeat it?

What makes people unable to try for their goal is fear. What are we afraid of? From failure, from rejection, from pain and from unknowns. But fear isn’t always the reason for trying to be success. Many times we must overcome our fears in order to succeed. In this article, you will learn how to overcome them.

Why is the number of successful people low? Why do few people walk in their goal’s way when they know that achieving them changes their lives? Because of fear. It limits us.

In fact everyone is afraid. We all have big, small, hidden and obvious fears. Courage doesn’t mean that we are not afraid of anything. But the meaning of courage is the ability to overcome fear and control it. In sensitive situations, you have to use your courage to make hard decisions and take the necessary action.

Have you ever think about the worst effect of fear? This feeling can make you unable. If you want to become successful, you should overcome it. If you do what you afraid of, they will be disappear. By facing and doing whatever you afraid, you can improve courage in yourself.

The biggest fear in trade and business is facing and confronting (after being fired, financial loses and bankruptcy). Many people afraid of making hard decisions and behaving seriously with people. You can be a courage person when you do a bold action. Even if you are not interested.

Fear is not always bad, please sometime afraid

Fear is not always bad, please sometime afraid
fear itself is not bad

Of course, fear itself is not bad. It is the natural reaction of our body to make us aware the possible occurrence of a problem. In fact, everyone usually feels afraid of many things in his life. This is a natural and ordinary feeling. Often, it is needed for life survival and being safe from injury and mistakes and is a good sign for doing great things. Most of the great changes are with the early fears. If we accept it and be aware that at this level many people will not continue, and we continue to fear, our chance to win is more. In this case, we can even say that it is a positive factor.

What is the difference between cowardly and brave people?

What is the difference between cowardly and brave people?
A brave man starts to act in fear While it overcomes a coward person

A brave man starts to act in fear, face and defeats it. While it overcomes a coward person. In fact it is a brave man who can overcome his fears while the cowardly person is defeated by is fears.

The difference between successful people and the other is that ordinary people are so afraid of the failure, so they will lose all the opportunities ahead. Because the fear of humiliation, failure and destruction, paralyzes and prevents them from doing their jobs. These people continually fall back in life.

What are the reasons for fear?

What are the reasons for fear?
When the brain confronts a new condition, it prefers to remain in the former mode

When the brain confronts a new condition, it prefers to remain in the former mode. It prevents changes as much as possible and the brain resists changes and new conditions.

Everybody in a fearful situation say they can’t. In fact, the fear of failure and loss prevents us from doing anything.

When this feeling is made, it also physically affects us. This feeling increases your blood pressure and disturbs your heart rhythm. The heart rate gets faster. On the other hand, the oxygen needs to be increased, and the person breathe faster and make more harms. These conditions often lead to reduced brain activity and analysis power. When a person has these conditions, he will not be able to make the right decision.

You behave according to your thoughts and feelings so you just have to improve your sense of courage in order to reduce the fears and the bad effects of it.

Some exercises for escaping from fear

Some exercises for escaping from fear
For reaching the ability to manage and control your fear you need to exercise

For reaching the ability to manage and control your fear, you can do these exercises in your daily life.

Imagine yourself as a brave person

Suppose you are afraid to do something. Imagine yourself doing this work, but this imagination should be such that you could do the same thing properly and desirable. In this situation, your unconscious mind behaves just like that picture (the imagination of doing the fearful works correct).

Don’t forget to behave bravely and readily in any situation. As such, you improve your mind and your unconscious mind gradually. This exercise is one of the keys for being success. Don’t lose it.

Facing your fears

In this exercise, you must accept your fears, but face them. Escape is not a solution. Your successful key is to be able to decide for facing and dealing with it in spite of the fear you have. You can be a brave person in this way.

What do you afraid of? Move toward it

What do you afraid of? Move toward it
Force yourself to move toward your fears

Suppose you realize that you are afraid of something special. Force yourself to move toward it. In this case, the fear becomes smaller and more controllable. As it decreased, you become more trustworthy and you can overcome it.

Pay attention to the difference between this exercise and the previous one. In the previous exercise, when faced with fear, you shouldn’t have left. But in this exercise, you should try to move toward them.

The only real cure for fear or worry is to take regular and targeted steps on your path. When you force yourself to be courageous, you have to face every situation you afraid of. As such, your self-esteem increases and you reach a point where you are not afraid of unrealistic things. When forced yourself to act courageously and quickly, you must try to be persistence and perseverance.

Fear is the biggest trap on the way to success

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