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What is financial independence and how do we get it?

financial independence

Your thoughts will make you achieve financial success. The first discovery of patterns of the wealthy self-made individual’s thinking is that they are paying attention to financial independence, according to their situations. But it is better to explain about the financial independence before explaining how to achieve it.


What is financial independence?

We talked about money management in the article ’’Financial Literacy’’, but to explain simply, financial independence means earning enough wealth to live without working. The people who have achieved financial independence, do all their daily work according to what they plan and finally consider their financial goals. If your question is why we do not get financial independence, the answer is certain. The first reason is not to pay attention to this issue and not to put financial freedom in your main goal.

Trouble-making wealth

Rich people will rarely have problems. The problems that affect the lives, health and emotions of individuals are due to lack of money. You have the right to decide spend the money you have or save it. You have freedom and financial independence to choose a way.
Robert Kiyosaki, in the book ‘’ rich dad, poor dad’’, points out a few points for financial freedom.

robert kiyosaki poor dad rich dad
  • Accept the responsibility for what you do
  • Take care of your expenses
  • Budgeting your expenses
  • Do not have a debt
  • Always learning
  • Identify specific goals
  • Create a simple life for yourself

Controlling financial life

It’s very important to understand the situation and accept your level in life. Many people never do this. You should decide to have a goal, so that you can fully control your life. In fact, a life without the goals is uncontrollable.
Many wealthy people plan their financial and living goals in the best way and their value of the primitive investment increase about 8-10% over one year. These people determine their financial goals and never look for unbelievable and quick plans to get wealth.

Leave bad habits

By leaving the following habits, you can make it easier to achieve financial independence.

۱- Inability to negotiate

The employers recommend you a salary which is not the most amount that they want to pay. If you are sure about your skills and experience, you do not need to ask for more salary in the interview.

۲- Do not invest on yourself

Warren Buffett, a great American investor, says:

The best investment is investing on yourself

If you want to invest the most with the least investment and training, you are in a big mistake. As mentioned above, you should always learn new science in your business.

۳- Focus on one thing

Many people who want to invest, prefer to invest completely in one thing.
Paying too much attention to one thing and not paying attention to other things that we can invest in them can also show our dependency to a source of income.

۴- Get used to the situation

After some years working in a job, anyone may feel he is losing his passion or motivation. So if you think that you are in the same situation, try to handle it.

۵- Limited by targeting

Having a plan to achieve your goal is the most important thing. But targeting may have an opposite result and a restrictive effect. Targeting in different aspects of your life, such as your education, skills, job position, or income level, can make you satisfy of a little part of your inner potential and do not try for more successes.

Make a strong mentality

Make a strong mentality

Try to nurture the mentality of a wealthy self-made person. When you change to a person who can set financial goals and save 100 million, then you can change to a person who can save even 1 billion. Even if something happens out of the plan and you lose all your money. Because you are able to get that amount.