what is NLP?

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Maybe most of the people who heard about NLP, don’t have any specific definition for it. In fact answering to the question “what is exactly NLP?” is not easy.

In this article you know the founders of “Neuro-linguistic Programming”. You will be familiar with NLP history. For understanding the concepts of NLP better, we explain the meaning of this word and finally you will be familiar with the usage and learning NLP benefits.

Who are the founders of NLP?

Who are the founders of NLP?
What is Neuro-linguistic Programming?

In 1970, in California, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, together with their research integration, were able to create a specific way to improve the brain and behavior activity. They claimed that there is a deep relation between neural processes, linguistic patterns and behavioral patterns.

These two psychologists finally chose the name of Neuro-linguistic Program (NLP) shortly for their method after 36 hours of continuous discussion.

The way which is founded by these two psychologists is used to communicate better and to achieve a special goal in life. Even using this method can change the way of life.

Of course later with development, strengthen and improving the practical techniques of NLP, more usage was introduced for it. Among these usages we can mention the career advancement, convincing others, erasing bad memories, enhancing brain activity, politics, negotiations, and more.

Be familiar with the history of NLP foundation

Richard Bandler was very interested in pop music at 17 years old. Dr. Robert Spitzer’s wife asked him to teach his son playing drum. This was when Richard decided to study at the University of California. So Richard, as the caretaker of the Spitzer Property, made a small place in their home for himself. Richard met Virginia Satir at that place.

Richard Bandler
Richard Bandler

Virginia was a person who did family therapy for the first time in the world In collaboration with Fritz Pearls, the initiator of Gestalt psychology, he concluded that “man is constantly being planned for his life. Unconscious minds do this planning, and the success or failure of doing anything is planned by one’s own mind. By creating and using that specific systems, every person can change this planning to the way he wants.

Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson were very famous for the treatment of patient in a short time. Richard Bandler and John Grinder examined their treatment method and concluded that their treatment methods were very similar to each other. After extracting and categorizing their treatment, a group of psychologists did the method of extraction and found that the findings of this group of psychologists were much improved rather than the previous one. This was the starting for Richard and John’s further research for finding the commons of successful humans in other areas.

John Grinder
John Grinder

NLP was formed in 1970. Its founders were Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Of course, other persons such as Robert Diltz, David Gordon and … helped NLP to be strengthen with their innovations. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in the late 70’s and early 80’s took the standard form by the help of Robert Dilts.

What is the meaning and usage of NLP?

What is the meaning and usage of NLP?
Neuro-linguistic programming chang mental, emotional and behavioral patterns

Neuro: The first letter of the word NLP that emphasizes on the special role of the nerves in this science. Neuro refers to how the nervous system gets information from the environment through the five senses, the conscious and unconscious mind and cognitive functions.

Linguistic: The second letter of the word NLP that refers to how we use of linguistic and language for setting and rebuilding our thoughts, behaviors and feelings. It teaches us how to use the words to communicate better with others.

Programming: The third letter of the word NLP, explains how to organize thoughts with the help of the words and the interaction of thoughts on the words, attitudes and behaviors. Richard Bandler’s recent definition of NLP added to the Oxford Dictionary:

Neuro-linguistic programming is a model of interpersonal communication. This model is mainly related to the relationship between successful behavioral patterns and hidden mental experiences. Neuro-linguistic programming is an alternative founding therapeutic system based on self-awareness, effective communication, and changing mental, emotional and behavioral patterns.

How does NLP increase our satisfaction of life?

How does NLP increase our satisfaction of life?
Neuro-linguistic programming help us to understand the unconscious mind

NLP do the dynamic functioning between mind and language and how they affect the body and behavior. It causes a person have more ability to the motives. Learning NLP can be similar to learning the language of the mind. The following example will help you:

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Have you ever want to communicate with someone whom you don’t understand him or his language? The classic example is when someone goes to a restaurant in a foreign country, and after ordering a meal, the waiter brings him liver. While he actually asked Steak, not liver!

This example is similar to our relationship with our unconscious mind. As a matter of fact NLP teaches you introduce a steak to your mind which finally brings for you a steak not a liver.

What do we want from life? Maybe we think that we want more money, happiness, a healthy and good relationship with family members. But it’s likely that we are looking for a healthy diet.

Because in our unconscious and conscious mind, there is probably a lot of differences between these categories and we do not know about it. These differences cause we don’t reach to what we really want from life. And ultimately, we will be dissatisfied with life.

In fact, many of us want to get the things that we notice consciously in our lives. So we are unaware of our unconsciousness. The result of this carelessness is causing our dissatisfaction with life. In fact, NLP makes it possible for us to understand the unconscious mind.

How does learning NLP increase our satisfaction from life?

How does learning NLP increase our satisfaction from life?
Neuro-linguistic programming helps a lot to improve people quickly

In NLP, we consider the conscious mind as a determinant of purpose, while the unconscious mind is the main receiver of the target and it is possible to bring a jar of liver instead of steak!

NLP helps you determine your desires clearly for unconsciousness and find the difference between self-conscious and unconscious activity. So it helps you reach your wishes.

it helps a lot to improve people quickly. Because it has the ability to change the habit and restrictive beliefs that prevent us from advancing. NLP, with useful techniques, can very quickly make the desired changes with the help of the unconsciousness.

How does NLP help your brain for changing the habits and beliefs?

Neuro-linguistic programming is like a brain directory book. You will learn the language of your brain by learning NLP. it helps you know what you want from life and how to reach it. You get information from the surrounding area with your senses. Then they are analyzed based on previous information, beliefs and experiences. Then they will fit into your mind and you will behave according to them. So NLP can help you in two ways:

it can correct the previous information that exists in your mind so that you can finally have the right behavior. Or, by changing the attitude and angle of view, it creates an optimal perspective for you to get the right information from the environment. This is how you behave appropriately.

When can we rely on NLP?

NLP also helps you to activate and use the tools and techniques you need for your goals. The result is achieving your goals with great results. For example:

  • If you are unhappy for eating unhealthy foods
  • If you have stress for the lecture
  • If you waste a lot of time in virtual life
  • If you are afraid of heights
  • If you have unpleasant habits
  • If you have problems in communicating
  • And many other things

Neuro-linguistic programming has extremely effective techniques for any of the above that can change your life. it is so useful.

First, NLP was used for treatment, but now it is used in all areas such as: personal development, education, politics, health, sports, sales, marriage, child training, self-confidence, and so on.

NLP is a practical skill that allows everyone to know their capacity and achieve the most success. Another advantage of NLP is its ability to communicate with itself and communicate with others effectively.

NLP says that you can do exactly whatever the others has done with the correct sampling and achieve the same results. It also teaches us that if we get a lot of successes we should build a pattern of that in order to use it for another success.

Live NLP to make your life enjoyable

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