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What is Reality Therapy Theory?

Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy Theory was introduced by William Glaser for the first time. Glaser believed that people do not use their ability properly, and the problems that they have is the result of not having an emotional connection with themselves. He believed that we are ourselves that choose all our actions and the others cannot make us happy and cannot make us miserable.


Reality Therapy History

Reality Therapy is a set of theoretical and practical principles that were introduced by William Glaser in the 1950s. Glaser’s logic for expressing this theory is the perception of reality and what is called the truth.

Reality Therapy Theory

From Glaser’s point of view, reality means the truth, it means that the person has the ability to recognize the true from the false. The Reality Therapy express the logic that humans are responsible for their behavior. The reason for this is that all of our problems are in the present time and we are dealing with them in the present. So the only thing we can control is our current behavior.
In Reality Therapy, when confronted with problems, they must accept the incident and responsibility and choose the right methods to resolve the problem, they try to control their lives to meet their needs.

Reality Therapy and Choices

The basis of this theory is expressed according to ignoring the past. That is, we only have the ability to change the present and not the events that happened in the past. Our past may have some effects in our current life but it will not be the most important problem. If an unpleasant incident has happened in our childhood, no matter who is guilty, you must accept the fact that you will not be able to change it.

choices and reality therapy

When people complain about what happened to them, This Therapy believes that people should not search for finding the guilty at this time. This theory teaches the people talking about something beyond their control is useless. Reality Therapy helps to turn negative view into positive view and useless behavior into effective behavior based on the choices.


Responsibility is a feature of Reality Therapy. When people or even ourselves do something wrong, we blame the others according to our habits, and blame everyone for everything, or even blame the other factors except ourselves.
Being responsible makes you accept what happens and this is the principle and logic of Reality Therapy. Controlling the condition is one of the characteristics of responsibility, which makes it easier to plan again for the things that are lost or not achieved.