success formula

What is the success formula and how do we use it?

If we consider the success and achieving success as a mathematical act, according to the mathematical logic, each equation has one formula. Achieving success has also a special formula, and the difference with mathematical formulas is not in the numbers and counting them by calculator. There is a simple, self-made formula for understanding and achieving success that you can use it and increase your income over the years.

1000 percent success formula

The rule of this formula is improving step by step. Because a big step can be difficult, but a small step can be easy to achieve the goal. If you want to take a big step for making changes and improving your personality, it will take a long time even if you are excited and determined.
Usually, the most important and permanent changes are not made by a jump. All permanent changes are made behind each other for a long time. Ask yourself a question. Which job can you use to increase your performance about 0.1 in the next 24 hours? You can increase your productivity and performance in 24 hours by setting goals and priorities and focusing on more valuable activities.

If we want, it will happen

Who can lead you to success except yourselves? Every time in every place, ask yourself who can save my life as a savior except myself? If anyone really wants, he can double or triple his productivity in 24 hours.
If you are constantly studying, learning and updating your skills, clearing goals, determining priorities and focusing on your valuable tasks, you can increase your overall productivity and efficiency about 0.1% every day and for an unlimited period of time.
According to the double efficiency principle, any attempt to increase productivity in one area simultaneously improves performance in all other areas. The more you practice, you get better results in less time. If you increase your productivity by 0.1% every day, you will increase productivity about 26 percent by the end of the year.
Here are seven steps related to the 1000% formula which is called success formula and enables you to improve your performance about 0.1 percent per day, 0.5 percent per week, 2 percent per month, and 26 percent per year.

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1- Studying

It’s never too late to change. Get up a little earlier tomorrow and study about your expertise for one hour. Leave everything and spend the first 60 minutes of the day on yourself and your mind. Be careful that the first hour of the day is the direction of the rest of it.

2- Writing the goals

Writing the goals

Writing goals helps you achieve what you believe
Every day before starting to work, re-write your main goals and review them. Spend a few minutes to write your goal in the notebook. This will prepare you to use the opportunities to attain goals during the day.

3- Planning

Plan for your daily work. Make a list of all activities in the previous night. By doing this, your mind focuses on the list while you are asleep. When you wake up, you will have ideas that will help you to achieve your daily goals faster.

Audio tutorial

If you’re using a private car for going to home or work, use audio tutorial or lecturers’ words about targeting. This changes your car into a class or moving university. If you do not use a private car, you can use the mobile to listen to these tutorials when you have free time. Doing this alone can bring you 1000% more productivity in the next years.

Asking questions after work experience
You may do several things during the day that you will notice the effects later on in your life. But change your style and method. After doing the things, create a question in mind:

  • What did I do right?
  • What should I do in another way?

These questions will help you learn and grow from whatever you do. The above text is the basis of the success formula and can be done with much practice.

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