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Why can wealth belief make us rich and change our lives?

when we believe in something, we don’t hesitate to do it. we use all of our energy and ability for that and we are sure that we will be successful in that way. so we need to believe in something for creating it. so it is necessary to believe in wealth for becoming wealthy. but what is wealth belief and how is it created? we answer to the question in this article.

In the previous article, you knew one of the laws of the universe and one of the most important beliefs in money laundering (the article “becoming rich in beliefs and wealth – the second step towards wealth”). Farshid Pakzat’s research group explains in this article why and how wealth belief can make us rich.

What is belief and how does it affect our lives?

What is belief and how does it affect our lives

Life is the law of beliefs

For understanding the reasons of the deep impacts of wealth belief or any other kinds of beliefs in life, we should first examine the meaning of belief. Belief is an opinion and thought that you are sure about it’s correctness. Beliefs are in the deepest part of our unconscious mind. The repetitive beliefs that sometimes you don’t need to think about because you are sure about them.

So when we believe in something, we do not be uncertain to do so. We spend all our energy and power for that and we are sure to succeed in that way. As a result, you need to believe in something to see and create them. See what you really believe in your life. You are acting on your beliefs. Life is the law of beliefs.

Consider the wealth belief in yourself

Consider the wealth belief in yourself

What kind of pictures do you about wealth?

Have you ever think about your beliefs about financial issues and money? What kind of pictures do you see from your financial situation? What factors in your life affect your financial situation? Family environment? work environment? Age? Sex? Education? Please write in some sentences your financial beliefs right now.

As long as there are contrasts in you, you will not achieve your goal. It means that if your deep thoughts, the same financial beliefs that are in your unconscious mind, are in contrast with conscious thoughts, because the power of beliefs are far greater, you move on the same side. So, for being wealthy and money making, you must know your beliefs and create positive beliefs about wealth. In the following, you will be familiar with several positive and negative beliefs.

Negative wealth beliefs:

-Making money is a hard job

– I don’t have much in this world

– God wanted me to be poor

– I do not deserve a lot of wealth

– I always spend money more than my earning

– A woman has less earning than a man

– It’s impossible to get rich in my city

– You will lose friends by being rich

– Becoming rich reduces the emotional relationships

-I’m going away from Gog by being rich

– And many other beliefs…

Positive wealth beliefs:

  • The doors of wealth is always open for me
  • It is easy to becoming rich
  • I gain money from every where
  • I deserve to be rich
  • My mind is a money maker mind
  • I get closer to God by wealth
  • I can become rich
  • I become happier and healthier by getting rich
  • The value of my wealth and assets is increasing day by day
  • Everything I touch changes to gold

Change the negative beliefs by wealth beliefs

Change the negative beliefs by wealth beliefs

beliefs are in the lower layers of our thoughts

The belief changing begins with consciousness. You must first identify your beliefs and replace the wealth belief as a deficiency belief. But just recognizing and repeating the sentences does not change beliefs. Because of the beliefs are in the lower layers of our thoughts, they are not easily accessible. We must be patient for their changing. There are several ways to change beliefs, so we’ll make you acquainted through the articles in the most effective way.

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