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Why do bad events happen to us ?

bad events happen

Some people believe that bad events happen to them all the time. In order to stop these bad events from happening, first we need to know why these bad events are happening. Before that, we have to realize that what is the reason for our life events? It does not matter whether they are good or bad. When we achieve a good looking to the bad and good events, we can control them. This article explains the way to do this.


What is the reason for the good and bad events in our life?

There are two kinds of looking to the life events. One of these looks divides life events into two good and bad groups. Those who have this kind of looking to the life are happy about good things and are sad about bad things. If good things happen for them, they say we are lucky. If bad events happen in their life, they say we are unlucky.
But the second group does not look at the good and bad events of life. But they look at the events of life like the lessons and experiences that the universe gives them. Whatever happens can be good or bad, and it’s not a mistake to categorize life’s events into two groups of good and bad events. But the second group pays more attention to the lessons and experiences from these events.

What’s the difference between these two looking to the life events?

When people just pay attention to good and bad events of life, as we said, they will be happy when a good event happens to them and they will be sad when a bad event happens to them. In fact, you can say they are like a piece of wood on the waves of the sea. If the waves of the sea go up, these people will go up with the waves and feel they are at the highest point. If the waves of the sea go down, they will go down by these waves and feel that they are unlucky and lose their opportunity to use their chance.

Good bad Events

But the people who pay more attention to the lessons of these good and bad events. They are like a swimmer who is becoming more and more skilled. Because he learns from this heights and downs.

How to deal with good and bad events in life like a skilled swimmer?

We need to pay attention to 2 points in order to deal with life events like a skilled swimmer.

۱- Welcome life events

We are like the students who are attending the life class. If a student do not welcome the lessons with open arms, he cannot learn the lessons well. So when the good and bad events happen in our lives, we should welcome them with open arms, so we can get the most portion of them.

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking

How to understand the teacher’s lesson in the classroom without thinking? Life is the same. We have to think about bad and good events in life to learn the lessons. Very often, we don’t take the important events serious. It makes us not to learn any lesson from the good and bad events in life. So we have to think hard about everything happens in our life.
Well, we have realized that the correct looking at the bad and good events in life is looking them as the lessons and experiences in life. In addition, we looked at how to deal with these bad and good events in life to get the most portion of them. We can now answer the question of why bad events happen to us repeatedly.

How to stop repeating bad events in our life?

As we said, life is like a teacher. Of course a kindhearted teacher. When we do not learn a lesson, the teacher repeats this lesson for us. The teacher repeats until we learn it. So the reason why many of the bad events repeat in our lives is that we did not get a lesson from those bad events.
So if an event is constantly repeating in your life, you have to understand that there is a lesson in that event that you do not understand it properly. There are 4 practical solutions to help us understand the lessons in the events of our life.