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Why should we have an exact complete definition of wealth?

definition of wealth

What is the exact complete definition of wealth? Achieving wealth is not a dream and we have to have a complete definition for ourselves. In fact, anyone defines wealth according to his thoughts. Your definition of wealth may be different from your brother’s or sister’s definition. In this article we will discuss about why we should have an exact definition of wealth. But first, we explain about the role of our thoughts in achieving wealth.


The role of thoughts in achieving wealth

Our thoughts have the most important role in our lives. If we are the person with the most daily efforts and work hard to achieve wealth, but we don’t have correct opinion about wealth, we will never get it. Restrictive beliefs in achieving wealth are some kind of belief in our unconscious mind that affects all aspects of life for getting money.

The exact definition of wealth

wealth definition

What is wealth? So let’s think about it and if we achieve a specific answer, ask this question from the others. After asking, you will notice that the answers are different. One of the features of the wealthy people is that they know the exact correct definition of wealth. In fact, most people just want to be wealthy, and they do not know exactly how much money and wealth they should have to be wealthy.

Define the boundaries of wealth for yourself

Richard Templar, author of The Laws of Wealth, quotes:

A wealthy friend, before starting to trade, knew he would be wealthy when he did not have to spend the money he saved. When we go out for dinner, he’ll be happy when he earns an income higher than the dinner fee.

After quoting Richard Templar, you might think that this is a little dreaming idea and you will never get rich, but the purpose of this quotation was saying the numerical value that person had set for himself. With the notion that the wealth of the universe is infinite, you must specify an amount for yourself to be wealthy. Your friend may not think that he is rich with luxury house and expensive cars. But having a normal house is a wealth for another person.
In fact, your definition of wealth will open many ways to achieve wealth. For example, if your definition of wealth is having about 100 million, you know how far away you are with this amount. How much money you need to get rich and how much money you should save to be wealthy. Of course, determining that amount depends on your life and your efforts.

Relation between the definition of wealth and purpose

Suppose we define wealth as having a large house. This large house, you must try to achieve it, become your goal. If we have no goals, how can we get wealth? A criterion for measuring our success is made when we have reached the goal.