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Work success secret and effective communication principles

Work success secret and effective communication principles

What is the successful people’s secret for being successful? What is their secret for having a high quality life? Observing the principles of effective communication is the secret of their success. NLP teaches us how to make effective communication with others in order to achieve success.


Effective communication is an appropriate basis for discussion and decision-making. This happens when people communicate with each other correctly. People need to trust each other in order to make this type of communication to interact and understand each other well. While these processes may occur unconsciously.

If you pay attention to your communication process, you’ll find that it’s easier to communicate with some people, and in some cases you cannot.

When you are in an effective communication, you feel you understand the person in front, and a feeling occurs in both sides. The same feelings and trust that makes you discuss and negotiate very easily and agree the others idea.

What are the effective factors in creating effective communication?

What are the effective factors in creating effective communication?
Effective communication

NLP founders executed some experiments on two people, Mr. Nike and Mr. Nasty. In this test, the volunteers’ positions and motions were controlled and examined by Bandler and Grinder. During the experiment, they wanted the people to be in specific positions and discuss about different issues with each other.

During the experiment, all the attentions were on Mr. Nike’s unconscious movements and his movements were mirrored by the person who spoke to him. This was done in a way that Mr. Nike did not understand. While he did not do that when he spoke with Mr. Nasty

They discovered that humans generally like and communicate better with the people who are like themselves (Mr. Nike), and this makes them imitate the way of standing, tone of voice, and the movements of each other.

As a result, since 1990, NLP has become a useful and popular tool in advertising, sales and politics. Successful people and those who work NLP are aware of this knowledge and imitate and use the other party’s behavior to improve their work.

Rapport; successful magic secret

Rapport; successful magic secret
Rapport; successful magic secret

Rapport is a French word which is read rapo and used in NLP. Rapport means the way to communicate well and successfully with the audience, which creates a sense of trust in communicating with the others.

Rapport is also a means of transferring the information to people and a way for expressing feelings to others, which eliminates misunderstandings.

Progress on work issues occurs when people are in an effective communication. In this case, they get into discussion by explaining their idea and finally get a good result.

NLP says that people, when they are in communication, can control what usually happens unconsciously by their choice and consciously. Then they can replace these acts with their voluntary behaviors. In this case, even if you do not have a friendship with a person, your behavior will lead to a communication again.

NLP main core is rapport that leads to increased trust through synchronization between the sender and receiver, especially non-verbal signals, which are the most important part of the communication. Rapport is a process to attract attention and trust in the subconscious mind.

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